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It’s time to start picking out those back to school bags and for me it also means thinking about lunch and snack ideas. I’ve always looking for an easy and fun way to give the kids a surprise and I’ve pulled together some great items that they’ll find in both their snack and lunch containers this year.

Back to School Snack IdeasLets start with lunch bags. We need 2 different bags per kid, a snack and a lunch. I like the Packit bags for their snack and they love Twelve Little for their lunch boxes. I also like that they can personalize them if they want.

PackIt Snack bagWhile lunch is usually the main part of the meal I find my kids focus more on their snacks. They love to see what there friends are eating, and what the school has, and I like to stay on top of making sure they have both things that are good for them and fun. I’ve learned that making sure to include fun items keeps them from spending money at the school cafeteria, and it makes them feel special. So here’s a list of some new snacks and meals I’ve learned about.

Cucina & AmoreCucina & Amore
These ready to serve Quinoa and Farro bowls are tasty and perfect for a filling lunch or snack. I also love that it even comes with a spoon. My personal favorite is the artichoke & roasted peppers quinoa meal. It’s also nice not to have to worry about this being refrigerated. I’m all for that, and since these are pretty filling it means less things to have to pack.


Teddy Bakes SoftTeddy Soft Bakes
These are a favorite for the kids and make a fun treat to slip into the lunches. A soft bear with a yummy filling. It makes my kids smile and it’s made with familiar quality ingredients such as milk, eggs, flour and chocolate.

Go-Go- Squeez
We have been feeding these to the kids for years. I love all the different flavors, and they even have yogurt ones (that don’t have to be refrigerated). This snack really is goodness on the go.

This has been the biggest hit for us this summer. Raisels are golden raisins spruced them up a bit with some sour, fruity flavor. Kids swam around when we open a box and adults have been sneaking a few too.

Brownie Brittle Gluten FreeBrownie Brittle Gluten-Free
If you need gluten-free items that are super tasty then this is what you should pack. Tasty and classroom safe is a win for me!

Veggie Straws Variety PackVeggie Straws
The whole family is a fan of these and I recently discovered they have 3 flavors. Sea Salt, Zesty Ranch and Cheddar. We keep a box of these on hand and love them for lunch and after school snacks.

Hi-CHEW Sour FlavorsHI-CHEWI recently discovered HI-CHEW (the #1 candy in Japan) and am now addicted to these fruit juice & purees. They are soft and fun to chew and have tons of flavors, Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Cherry, Banana, and Melon. Plus HI-CHEW Sours come in Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit. Throw in 2 of these in their lunchbox and they will be happy!

Drink ChobaniChobani
A favorite yogurt in our house, they have come out with drinkable yogurts now and is committed to using milk from regional farms and strengthening its surrounding local economies.

Del Monte Fruit & ChiaDel-Monte Fruit & Chia cups
Fruit cups just got even better. I personally love the Pears in Blackberry Chia, but the kids are loving the Peaches in Strawberry Dragon Fruit Chia. These have also made their way into my lunch many times!

Farm Rich Pimento Cheese BitesFarm Rich
When my kids come home from school they are usually “so hungry” and I like to switch things up and use these Farm Rich Avocado Slices or Pimento Cheese Bites. These are great on a cold day or if you just need something different.

We’ve recently discovered a few pretty cool snack containers that make transporting snacks around easy and green!

Snack in a boxSnack in a box
This is great because there are 2 side and you fill each side with something different. I love that we can have carrots on one side and pretzels on the other. Easy and it’s dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze.

Replay Recycle Snack StackerRe-Play Recycled Snack Stacker
I just discovered this company and am in love. They use milk jugs to make all their products and have a rainbow of colors. The snack containers can stack or go individual. These will be used in so many ways and they are always dishwasher safe.

Lot of fun and new things out there to start the school year off. What do you like to pack for your kids lunch and snacks?

Sharing is caring!