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I love hosting parties or creating things that go along with something fun my family is doing. It’s no secret I work for Blue Man Group, and we recently had a fan plan an awesome birthday party for her son. One idea I loved was her Blue Man Group Cookies and with her permission I’m sharing just how fun and easy they are to make.

Blue Man Group Cookies DIY

Blue Man Group Cookie Supplies

Blue Man Group Cookie Supplies

Blue Melting Chocolate
Round Cookies (I did double stuffed Oreos)
Candy eyes

How to make Blue Man Group CookiesStep 1: Melt the blue chocolate in a microwave safe bowl for 20 second increments until completely melted.
Step 2: Take an Oreo and cover it with blue chocolate
Step 3: Once it’s covered I used a fork to balance the cookie and place a toothpick in the bottom.
Step 4: Take another toothpick and smooth out any excess chocolate
Step 5: Place 2 eyes on the cookie
Step 6: Move to a cooling rack to allow the chocolate to dry and remove toothpick
Step 7: Enjoy

These are so fun and easy to make and it would be great for a Blue Man Group inspired party or a fun way to share that you’re going to see the show, or if you just want to show some Blue Man love.

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Disclaimer: I work full-time for Blue Man Productions and thought this would be fun to share for all those Blue Man Fans. All opinions are my own. 

Sharing is caring!