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As the chilly weather creeps in the thought of cold and flu season also creeps to the back of my mind, but I’ve got a secret weapon I’ve been using for years, Boiron. It keep families healthy in a natural way.

Boiron HomeopathicWhat I love about Boiron is that it’s homeopathic and I can use it not only to prevent my family from getting sick, but also if my family is injured at all.

While there are tons of different Boiron products out there I have a few that are always kept in the medicine cabinet. The Oscillococcinum was one of the first product I used and it helps to prevent cold and flu like symptoms. So the second anyone in the family says they feel something coming on I grab some from the medicine cabinet and rest a little easier knowing we’re working to prevent something bigger.

Boiron Children's cold relief ColdCalmBut… we all know we can’t always catch the cold when it’s coming so I’m thankful there’s Cold Calm for children, because kids are always catching something. I also really like the idea that it’s quick-dissolving pellets, and non-drowsy. Knowing that I’m giving something natural to the kids is so important to me. The other item I keep on hand is the the Children’s Chestal Honey. My kids LOVE this and we always pack it when we travel because that’s when the cough tends to creep up on us.

Boiron Oscillococcinum & Immune Boosting SmoothiesAt the Moms Night Out 3 Boiron was there with a smoothie bar which really got me thinking that smoothies are also a great way to stay healthier all throughout the year. So many choices and options for switching things up so you don’t feel like you’re having the same thing every day. It’s easy to make immune boosting smoothies that everyone will love.

#MTNightOut3 BioronI feel like I’m just scratching the surface of all the products Boiron offers. We also put the Arnicare and Calendula to use for cuts, scrapes, bruises, swelling and well those aches and pains we seem to get! They also have an amazing app that helps me know what products are the best fit for my symptoms or ailments making Boiron my go to for the family. They also have coupons and more information on the Boiron site, so check it out.

What Boiron product will you be keeping on hand this season?

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