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Skiing, snow tubing and an indoor water park is what Camelback Mountain Resort is all about and my family got to spend the day checking out all of these things as part of MomTrends Ski Day. It was our winter family adventure and I’m so excited to share what we loved and will do differently next time we go.

Camelback Mountain Resort #MTCamelbackLets start with where is  Camelback? It’s located in the Poconos (Tannersville, PA) which means it’s about an 90 minute to 2 hour drive from Maplewood, NJ or NYC! We made this a day trip, but they have a wonderful Lodge you can stay in and we decided that next time we go we’ll travel the night before and stay on site. The land and site has so many things and they have a bus that will take you to the different areas.

We started our morning off skiing. This was the 1st time the kids would be on the slopes and it’s been about 20 years since I skied (which was only one time) and about 15 years for Mike. We made sure to pre-register online with all of our info so we could just go to the rentals and get what we needed (which was everything). Once we were all geared up it was time for some lessons. Eleanor was taking a 90 minute lesson at the Kids Ski School and I was taking an adult lesson while Mike ventured onto the bunny slope with Camden.

Camelback Kids Learn to Ski

Eleanor was with her class for the entire lesson and it was great. She was learning the basics and I liked that we didn’t have to teach her. As a parent you can easily get frustrated with your child, but I didn’t have to worry about this and I think it made the experience a little more fun to be with other kids her age. I also like that in order to pick up the kids from lessons you have to have a special badge, this way no one else can pick them up.

Camelback Adult Ski LessonMy adult lesson was okay. The start was good in teaching safety of equipment and how to turn, stop and walk with ski’s on (NEVER cross your skis). I will admit I felt like it went too slow for me. I wished I could have moved on a little faster, but I was in a group and the group stayed together. There was a little too much standing around for me waiting on others, but I did have another instructor give me advice, which I liked that he just chimed in. When I finally got to the hill I was ready and realized how much I enjoy the leisurely activity of being on my own, and controlling my speed and moves as I came down the hill. It was great.

Camelback Skiing with kids

Camelback Camel Care NurseryWhile Eleanor and I were in lessons Mike attempted to teach Camden and after one trip down the hill he said he was done, so it was off to the Camel Care Nursery for him. For $10 an hour (2 hour minimum) it was money well spent. He was happy and Mike got to do the trails he wanted to.

After a few runs down the hill we realized we were hungry so off to the cafe we went. They had a lot of great comfort food options to keep you warm. We were all impressed with the chicken nuggets and how good they were, but the pulled pork was also yummy. I saw someone else with some Nachos that looks amazing.

Camelback Snow Tubing

Next up for us was snow tubing. This was our favorite thing to do as family. It works on the hour, so if you get there at 1:45 you’ll go in at 2pm and you have 3 hours of tubing fun! Camelback has the biggest snow tube park in America and it runs quickly and smoothly. At the bottom of the hill you get your tube either a single or double and then get in line for the treadmill to the top. Then pick your lanes and when the organizer says go give it all you’ve got and have fun. We laughed, and smiled, and had friendly competition with each other. It was something we all enjoyed and we can’t wait to come back with more friends to do this. I just wish we had stuck around because after 5pm it’s Galactic Snowtubing, cosmic lights make this even more fun!

Camelback AquatopiaAfter 2 fun activities outside in the wonderful winter weather you would think we’re done, but we decided to finish up our day at Aquatopia, the indoor water park at the Lodge. It was great to get inside and play plus the water slides at this place were awesome. I also loved that we even do some together as a family. Since we’re past the 42 inches height it’s opening up a lot more doors of things we can do together or on our own and have a lot of fun. I also felt I could let the kids ride on their own which

We loved playing in the wave pool and then hitting up the Wave Rider. It was a great experience. I will say that the food in the water park wasn’t great, and you can’t bring your own in so please make sure you pack accordingly.

Camelback Family SkiingOverall it was fun filled day for us, and while we managed to do it all in a day I know next time we’ll break it up over 2 days and spend the night in the lodge. With it being so close I know we’ll be back and with more friends.

Have you been to Camelback Mountain Resort? What’s your favorite winter family activity?

Disclosure: I was provided with media access for the day. All thoughts are my own.

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