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If you’re looking for a party favor that’s sweet, fun and affordable, think about making some DIY Candy Kabobs for your next party or event.

Kabob of Candy

DIY Candy Kabobs

A few years ago I made some candy kabobs as a party favor for the kids birthday party and it was a big hit. Even the party attendant told me what a great party favor it was. It’s also very cost effective and doesn’t add more clutter to anyone’s house! If you’re looking for other party tips check out Tips for hosting an offsite party!

Supplies for Candy Kabobs

  • Skewers
  • Gummy Candies (peach rings, orange slices, rainbow sour airheads, gummy octopus or llamas, gummy lifesavers and whatever you like and I find the Dollar Tree to be a perfect spot to grab a lot of the candy)
  • Marshmallows – The bigger the better
  • Bags
  • Tags – I made some with my Cricut, but you can make them by hand if you don’t have a Cricut

How to make Candy Kabobs

What’s great about candy kabobs is that you can buy a bunch of different sweets to make them. I do find that gummies work best as they are easy to put on the skewer, but don’t forget about marshmallows and other fun sweets. 

The key when making these is adding the candy to the skewer and making sure you know where to stop on the skewer. Also to have fun when making the shapes, the Airhead extremes can be rolled or ribboned or twisted to give different looks. Don’t forget that by having a pattern and making a little assembly line it can make the work even easier. It’s also very helpful to put everything in bowls so you can easily grab what you need.  

Overall it’s a great favor for a birthday, movie night, BBQ or just because, I would even say I prefer this to a candy bar! 

Birthday Candy Kabobs

I would love to know do you do party favors?  


Sharing is caring!