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I have always been fascinated with crayons, and it’s been on my list to check out the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA since I learned of it. As we set off for a family field trip day I can say I was impressed and with how many hands-on activities were available and that there was some Crayola Magic and creativity that surprised the whole family.

Crayola Experience in Easton, PAWe decided to go on a weekday when our kids didn’t have school and made sure we were then when the doors opened. As we entered it was obvious there would be, fun, learning and coloring for the day. You’re given a bag and tokens when you come in to store all the goodies and memories you create. Tip: Start at the top and work out way down.

Crayola Experience 4th FloorAs we rode the elevator to the 4th floor we were ready for fun. This floor was all about melting crayons, and we loved it. The Melt & Mold gave us options of a Dinosaur, Ring or Crayola Friend. We loved seeing the crayons melt and drip in the mold to make a new more colorful crayon. My personal favorite was the Drip Spin. As we created different spin arts with melted crayons it was interesting to see how each machine gave a different look and since you can control how fast or slow your paper spun it made different looks.

The 3rd floor was a little more play. There was an awesome playground that Camden would have been in all day, plus lots of art fun. We really liked making our drawings into puzzles, and wandering into Doodle in the Dark. This room was not only about writing in bright neon colors, but also moving your body and staying physical. Next up was the Water Works, and this was both the kids favorite part of the day. They loved taking their Crayon boat all around and working to make it go up and down. We did this activity about 4 times.

We then headed to the 2nd floor where we put the tokens we were given when entered to use. I loved that I could make my own personalized crayon label and cover it myself. With about 6 colors to choose from we were excited to make Rocket Red, Camden Green and Suburban Wife Purple. We made our crayons while we waited for the Crayon Factory show. This is were you learn how a crayon is made and packaged. It’s something kids of all ages will be fascinated learning.

This floor also had Art Live where we would color in on a screen and then it would magically appear on the wall. Oh and Rockin’ Paper. This made all of us laugh as we watched our fairies dance to the music. Add in Color Magic and Modeling Madness and it’s obvious our day was filled with hands on fun and creativity.

Crayola Experience World's Largest CrayonAs we finished up we had to check out the World’s Largest Crayon, Big Blue. It weighs 1500 pounds is made up of 123,000 crayons.

Crayola Experience Paquette FamilyWhat I loved about the Crayola Experience and this day was as a family we were able to play, learn and be creative. Since it’s close to NJ and NYC it’s a great day trip, and it looks like they have some great special offers and events that happen though out the year.

Have you visited the Crayola Experience? What activity do you want to check out?

Note: I paid for admission to the Crayola Experience personally. All thoughts are my own.

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