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"Crayola personalized crayon boxes"Happy National Crayon Day! Did you know this is a day?  Of course it is and I feel the need to celebrate and share with you all the fun things I know about crayons.  Did you know that you can customize your Crayola boxes?

"Crayola gets personal"I love getting to personalize things and picking out the colors in my crayon box is so exciting to me.  It’s done specifically for me and that makes it special. It was also so easy to do under the Crayola My Way tab. There’s a ton of options, but I went with Glitter Assortment, Neon, Heavy Metal and Precious Metals. These seemed like colors that I wouldn’t find easily in the store so I loved knowing that the kids would get something special. You could also make a boxed filled with blues, or greens or whatever floats your boat. That’s what’s so cool.

So what are the options of boxes? Well I could have ordered five 8-count boxes, a 64-count box or the personalized art case. I love all the different options they give you to personalize the outside. I could have picked a Happy Birthday with Eleanor’s name, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy 1st day of school with a picture on it. There’s a ton of options, but I decided to go for a picture of the family.

"I'm on a crayon box"It’s fun when we’re all on something together and since we color as a family it just made sense. I also picked a Disney picture because I knew I was hosting a Disney Kids play date and it made it a little more fun. This would also be a great way to do a Disney reveal for your kids!!

Crayola was also very quick with processing and shipping which is great, because I hate when I get something personalized and it takes forever for it to arrive.

Crayola My Way

Now for 5 fun facts about crayons:

The most popular color is blue
The scent of a crayon is the 3rd most recognized scent (after coffee and peanut butter)
Crayola started making crayons back in 1903
The glue on the label is made of cornstarch and water
By the time you turn 10 you’ll have used approximately 720 crayons

So how would you personalize your Crayola crayon box?

Disclaimer: I was provided with a gift card to purchase the product and review. All opinions are my own.

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