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Affiliate links disclosureCreative Play Gift GuideKids are always looking for creative outlets. Working in a creative company I find myself surrounded by this daily and I thought I would pull together a Creative Play Gift Guide for Kids. With ideas for all ages that really allows everyone to have some creative fun.

Lakeshore Learning Cardboard Tool KitCardboard Creator Tool Kit – When I saw this kit from Lakeshore Learning I knew it was a must for the kids. We love to build with cardboard boxes, but I hate having to pull out sharp tools and this kit has everything you need, 113 pieces, and the kids can do it all. Build a rocket, or car it doesn’t matter. I’m sure there will be plenty of boxes left over from the holidays to put this toy to use and let their imaginations grow.

Leap Frog Dance and Goove MatLeap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Mat – I love the idea of kids making their own music and little ones need to move and groove and this allows them to do just that, while learning numbers, animals and so much more. I also love that adults can get in easier on the action to we can also be a part of the fun. If you have a toddler that loves to groove check this out.

Real Cooking Ultimate Baking KitReal Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set – Let’s not forget about the kitchen. There’s lots of way for kids to create there. I love this starter set because they’ve thought of everything. I especially like the egg cracker. Kids always want to crack the egg and this makes it as mess free as possible. You never know maybe there’s a tiny baker ready to create.

#StikBot StudioStikbot Studio – I know we try to keep screens away with creative play, but this toy is one that opens their minds to creating a story and moving the pieces to make their own stop animation short. If you work with them to create a story idea and then watch them move the pieces you’ll see just how creative they are in the finished product.

Magic Gold EditionMagic Gold – Have you ever taken your child to a magic show? If they want to know the insides of how it works and if you’re ready to “Pick A Card” then this kit is the rabbit in your hat. With 150 different tricks it will give your child the chance to learn for months. Just remember to remind them they have to master one trick before moving on to the next and practice makes perfect.

Design & DrillDesign & Drill – We love this series of toys. Not only is it great for small hands it also teaches them to put things together themselves. With a range of items to build there’s something for all kids to create, helicopter, monster truck, bright works and so many cool things.

There you go a few awesome, fun and creative ways for the kids to enjoy themselves and for you to also join in on some fun.

Disclosure: Some items were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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