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The moment we booked our Disney Cruise I started to think about all that I wanted to try that I didn’t do last time. A meal at Palo, the extra dining experience, was something I debated about, I mean why pay more money when you have awesome meals and food options on the ships that are included? So I’m telling you why I think it’s important to book the Palo Brunch and why it’s amazing while you’re on your Disney Cruise.

Palo Brunch Disney CruiseAs I said before I was on the fence about booking a meal at Palo, I looked at the dinner options, but didn’t want to miss any of the main dining room nights, so I thought it would be fun to do brunch, but the hubby wasn’t excited over the menu or going. A few days prior to leaving we decided to just go ahead and do it, but there were no open brunch spots, so we added it to the list of things to check in about when we boarded the ship.

As we got on the ship I immediately skipped waiting in line at Royal Court for dining changes and reservations, and went directly to Palo/Remy (near the aft of the ship and on the 12th deck for the Fantasy). Doing this saved me so much time. I was 4th in line and managed to get a noon brunch reservation for the following day. Remember they only do brunch for days at sea.

Palo Brunch View

Since Palo is an 18+ dining experience with a dress code (Dress pants, slacks and collared shirts are recommended for men and a dress, skirt or pants and a blouse are recommended for women. Jeans may also be worn if in good condition (no holes), and we were looking forward to a romantic little afternoon together we decided to get there early and enjoy our kids free time (thank you Oceaneers Club). While we waited for our table we enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching the water push away.

Palo Brunch Celebration

As we sat down at our table being able to look through clear glass to see the ocean beyond was breathtaking. With the brunch we also receive a glass of prosecco so being able to start our meal out with a toast of bubbly made us both happy and helped remind us that life should be celebrated together. Yep, I’m cheesy, but date nights are rare so this was special.

Palo Brunch BuffetWhile there is a main course with Palo, they also have a buffet brunch. Our waiter was smart and asked us to place our order before showing us the buffet, it made sure we would save space for the main meal. The buffet was filled with so many things. You had your breakfast pasty aspect, seafood and tasty delicacies.

I couldn’t get over how good the sea scallops were and we both tried different things we don’t usually get, like caviar, and felt pleased with all the choices, but kept in mind we had main entrees coming.

Palo Brunch EntreesWhen I say main entrees we couldn’t make a decision on what we wanted so we actually each got 2, that means we had 4 total. Our waiter spaced them out so we didn’t explode, but I’m so glad we tried these. Mike felt his eggs Benedict was one of the best he’s ever eaten and even though he had one earlier that morning at Cabanas he said is tasted different, almost fresher. I tried the calzone and was stunned with just how large in size it was. As I cut it open the cheese oozed and it was perfection.

Our next entrees were both recommendations from our server, which when they recommend something listen to them. I had the chicken parm and Mike had the lasagna and both the flavor and portion sizes were just right. I finally had to ask him to take my plate away, granted there were only 2 bites left, but I knew I still had a big hill ahead of me because of the dessert buffet.

Palo Brunch Iced TeaAt this point I’ve decided I would like an iced tea. To which our server said to get the camera ready. Hmmm, what’s so special about an iced tea, well as he brought out the glass filled with ice cubes of tea and then poured ice tea over it we knew our choice in a Palo brunch was perfect.

Palo Brunch Dessert BarAt this point we’ve been in here for 2 hours and stuffed our faces with yummy, but we knew we needed to keep going. Because there was the dessert buffet. The portions are tiny, for the desserts, but I think they do this so you can try multiple ones, which I appreciated.

Palo Brunch DessertWe filled our plates, grabbed the tiny spoons, so we could get all the corners of the cups and got to work. Between the 2 of us we tried them all and had seconds on a few. For me I wanted to end my meal with a Palo chocolate dipped strawberry, but after all those other things my server asked me if I was done and I told him no, I went back for a another mixed berries with champagne jellies.

Brunch Palo DessertsAs we finished eating we took a moment to just enjoy the happiness and full bellies we felt. We knew a huge part of our experience was made because of our server. Since this is separate from the main dining you will need to tip your waiter. Remember that you do not tip on the amount you pay person, it should be figured out as what you would leave based upon what you think this brunch would have cost you a regular restaurant, the same goes if you for dinner.

In the end we are both so happy we decided to do the brunch at Palo. While Cabanas is fine it’s nice to sit down to an excellent meal and just enjoy each other for a few hours.

Disney Cruise Palo Brunch and why it's worth it.Have you dined at Palo for brunch or dinner? Will you try it on your next Disney Cruise?


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