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There’s a new fad for fashion when visiting Disney and it’s called Disney Bound. What is Disney Bounding? It’s where you take your everyday clothes and add special touches to resemble a character.

If you didn’t know adults can’t dress in character costumes on Disney property. You see little girls and boys all over in the princess and other costumes, but adults want to show their Disney Side as well. So DisneyBound was created.

When I attend the DisneySMMC I knew I wanted to Disney Bound, so I started planning my outfits and here’s what I came up with!

Disneybound Donald Duck

Disney Bound Donald Duck
Dress from eShakti (it has pockets) red hairbow and Yellow sneakers

Disneybound Ariel

Disney Bound Ariel
Dress from eShakti (it has pockets) green sneakers

Disneybound Belle

Disney Bound Belle
Dress from eShakti (for real all the dresses have pockets and it’s awesome)
I was called all 3 characters so this dress has a lot of possibilities.
It’s the little details for these that really make a difference:
I had rose earrings for Belle, I found a small fork and put that in my green bow for Ariel and I wore a little Donald pin and anchor earrings for Donald.

Disneybound Minnie

Disney Bound Minnie dress from Kohls

I also wore this Minnie Mouse dress from the new Lauren Conrad Minnie line at Kohls.

It’s so fun when someone notices your outfit. I had a few cast member’s make comments about my outfits and I would say things to other guests I saw DisneyBound in the parks.

There are so many different characters and things you have in your closet that it’s easier than you think to DisneyBound.

Do you Disney Bound when you go? What character would you like to try?

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