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Last Friday as I worked from home and watched the snow fall I was content and happy. I’ve learned that a snowy day is something of luck for me, I mean I met Mike outside while it was snowing! So when I saw an email from Walt Disney World Special events hit my mailbox I was squealing with delight.

What is so magical about this email you may ask? Well it’s like someone sprinkled pixie dust into my computer because it’s an invite to the coveted Disney Social Media Moms Conference!

I immediately started freaking out, in a good way, and called Mike in tears letting him know I was invited. What you have to understand is there’s no way to sign up for this conference Disney has a magical way of picking the attendees. It’s all different types of blogs ranging in size and topics. Some people have never heard of the conference while others have been waiting years to get invited. To say I was floored is an understatement.

Sure I wished for an invite, but I never thought I would get one so when I got it I couldn’t believe it. It makes all the hard work I put into this blog feel really good. I felt like I was getting a gold star.

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@suburbanwifedp congrats! That’s so awesome and we’ll deserved.

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    Jamie -Bubba’s Mommy ‏@mommy2bubba  Mar 20
    @suburbanwifedp I am so excited for you!! CONGRATS!!! #DisneySMMoms

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    Lynette Hamblin ‏@PixarUPhouse  Mar 20
    @suburbanwifedp @DisneyMoms Yay! Congrats!!

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    The other thing I’ve noticed was how supportive other bloggers and friends have been. In a world where people can say mean things I’ve seen nothing but Congrats and excitement from both people attendees and hopefuls. I feel very fortunate that I have an amazing Tribe that is both supportive and genuine in moments like these.


    So what does this mean? Well it means my family, yep all 4 of us, will be heading down to Walt Disney World for Mother’s Day Weekend to attend the conference. (We do have to pay a conference fee).

    This will also be the kids 1st Disney World trip so I’m excited for them! I haven’t told them the big news yet, but E knows something big happened for Mommy.

    As I chat with other friends and attendees my excitement is growing. I know this will be an experience to learn, grow, make new friends, and tons of memories and I feel honored to be included at an attendee.

    For those who didn’t get pixie dust last week I encourage you to sign up for the On the Road series, they just announced they will be in Portland, OR, New York, NY and Austin, TX. I attended last year in Philly and learned so much and met some amazing people. It really was a magical day.

    Update: Make sure you check out all the fun we had

    Disney Reveal Toddler Style
    DisneySMMC Recap
    Mother’s Day at Disney World

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