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Over the summer Mike and I started to have the conversation about bunk beds for the kids. Eleanor and Camden are sharing a room and we plan to have them share for a few more years so bunk beds seemed like the best option for them to have space and their own little area so we decided to DIY bunk beds for them. 

DIY Bunk Beds

We spent a few months figuring out what we wanted exactly and pricing things out. We looked at a lot of different options, but in the end we decided it would work best if we made one ourselves.

Bunk Bed Top Bunk

DIY Bunk Beds

The big reason we decided to make it is because we knew we wanted to have stairs for the top bunk. We knew Camden would be going up there so we wanted it to be something he could easily do.

Tip: If you have younger kids buy the Zippy Sack, it’s so much easier to make the bed. We also knew we wanted to have a full bed on the bottom and twin on top because of the ceiling fan in the room.

Bunk Bed Plans

Bunk Beds with Stairs

Mike actually came up with the plan and measured it all out. We hit up Home Depot for supplies and even used them to cut a few things. We’ve been collecting tools since we bought our home, but we still needed to buy a lot for this project. One of the best tools we purchased was the Kreg Jig Set. It really was a great investment for us and I’m looking forward to using it in more projects.

Bunk Bed work

How to paint a bunk bed

The big decision for me was what color to paint the bunk beds. I didn’t want to do a wood stain. I wanted to do something fun and playful, but I also needed to keep in mind that this bed will be in this room till Camden goes off to college. Flash forward about 15 years and what color wouldn’t be too “Kiddie”. I picked a floor and step paint because we knew this would be getting heavy foot traffic and put my Wagner Paint Sprayer to work.

Wagner Paint Sprayer Fexio Bunk Bed

We painted it outside and I was so thankful to have had the sprayer. What would have taken multiple hours to prime and paint took maybe an hour to do both, and it looks finished and professional. Plus I felt pretty cool using the sprayer to complete this project.

The biggest challenge for us was getting it up the stairs. We managed to make it work, but we did have a moment of “Oh crap” so if you make your own keep the stairs in mind.

Bunk Bed shelf

Affordable Bunk Bed

Overall the project cost us about $500 in supplies. Could we have bought one for less? Sure, but there’s something nice about saying Mike and I made this, it’s his own design. The shelves are great for storing books or stuffed animals and since we can easily pull the bed out we don’t have to worry about things getting lost. The kids love it! Eleanor loves having her personal shelf and I’m hoping to put some lights underneath Camden’s bed to make the space more fun.

Kids Bunk Bed

Are you thinking about making Bunk Beds for your kids? The best piece of advice I can give is to make sure you measure everything before you buy or cut.

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