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Flannel is hot right now and of course I wanted to tap in on that because I love flannel, it’s warm and fashionable and if there’s one thing I love it’s a scarf. When I was walking through JoAnn fabrics last I noticed some flannel fabric at a great price so I decided to pick it up and make a scarf.

DIY Flannel Infinity ScarfI know some people think sewing if tough, but this is the perfect 1st project for the novice sewer or a really quick one for a advance sewer. No matter your skill level you can do this.

Supplies needed (this will make 2 scarfs)
2 yards flannel fabric
sewing machine

Step 1: Wash and dry the fabric first
Step 2: Lay the fabric down and fold in half cut on the fold making 2 pieces of fabric
Step 3: Separate your pieces and fold each one in half
IMG_6766Step 4: Sew a straight line from top to bottom
Step 5: Turn the fabric inside out so you don’t see the seam
IMG_8290Step 6: Put the ends together (I put one inside the other and just folded down the seam)
Flannel Scarf foldStep 7: Sew the pieces together

Step 8: Wear and enjoy the compliments!


Flannel Infinity ScarfThat’s it a super simple project that you can make. Plus you can make one for yourself and give another as a gift and you have the extra bonus of saying “I made it!”


Sharing is caring!