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Sitting around the fire pit or campfire is something we enjoy year round. We also enjoy getting the fire started quickly and I have an easy DIY Fire Starter that uses household items that would otherwise be thrown out. Making these DIY Fire Starters affordable and functional!

DIY Fire Starters

How to make Fire Starters

It’s really so simple and easy to collect the supplies needed to make these fire starters.

DIY Fire Starter SuppliesCardboard Egg Cartons or Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls
Broken or old Crayons
Dryer Lint
Old Tin Can

Once you’ve collected the items it’s time to make the fire starters

Step 1: Remove any wrappers from the crayons
Step 2: Use an old tin can to place the crayons in. Then place the can in a pot with water at the base. You don’t want to ruin your pot so using the tin can makes it’s easy for clean up!
Step 3: While the crayons are melting down fill the egg carton or rolls with dryer lint

Fire Starter DIY stepsStep 4: Once the crayons are melted pour the liquid over the dryer lint (not too much, but not too little). You don’t want to fill up the crate, but you don’t want the dryer lint to fall out.
Step 5: Allow the fire starters to dry for 48 hours.

How to use DIY Fire Starters

How to use DIY Fire StartersOnce you’ve made them using them is easy. You want to build your fire wood around the fire starter and some kindling. Then light a corner of the fire starter and let it do it’s work.

We usually use 2 fire starters when starting a fire just to make it a little easier, but find these work really well and since it’s basically items we’re either going to trash or recycle I call that a win.

Fire Starters DIYDo you like to camp or sit around a fire pit?


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