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Affiliate links disclosureThe first day of school is a big deal. It’s the start of a new year and for those going into Kindergarten the start of their education. I’ve got a simple way to mark the first day of school from Kindergarten to Senior year that will help you remember just how small they were when they started by wearing the same DIY first day of school photo shirt every year.

First Day of School Photo ShirtI started this tradition with Eleanor and love it so much that I knew I would want to continue with Camden. As he embarks on his first day of school I know he’s excited to find out about his teacher and make new friends. I’m also excited to see how he grows both in personality and in size and love that I can use this shirt to measure one of these.

Large or XL shirt
Black HTV Vinyl or Black Iron-on Letters & Numbers

1st day of school photo shirtIt’s so simple. I purchased a Large White shirt from Hanes, and got one with the Fresh IQ because it’s only being worn for about 15 minuets every year so I don’t intend to wash it each year. I then used my Cricut to create “Class of 2030” using the Plantin Schoolbook Font.   The key is making sure it’s in mirror image in Cricut when cutting. If you don’t have a Cricut it’s no big deal, you can still create this easily using Iron-on Letters & Numbers. Once the letters and numbers are in place you just iron them on.

How to Store your 1st day of school shirtNow I know a few people have said I won’t remember what I did with my shirt to use it every year. I’ve got you covered. After they wear the shirt take fold it up and place it in a gallon bag. Then cut a little slit in the top of the bag and put a hanger through it and hang in their closet. This way you’re keeping it protected from getting lost in the bottom of the drawer or anything getting on it. If they see it hanging it their closet it will be a great reminder that they have to take this photo, and if you’re trying to figure out where you put it.

1st day of school shirtI know that the first day of school can be emotional, but it’s a big deal, and I’m glad that I have this shirt to help document from Kindergarten to Senior Year.

Do you take a first day of school picture?

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