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DIY Outdoor Cup Holder #BlueLizardSummer #ad

With the warm weather here I find that we’re spending more and more time outside playing, eating, and making memories together. I love to surprise the kids with an impromptu backyard picnic, and wanted to create a way to avoid spills for drinks, so I’m sharing how to make a DIY outdoor cup holder to keep drinks off the ground.

Blue Lizard ® Summer

Whenever we decide to head outside it also means we need to protect our skin. I make sure the second they come outside and find our picnic I lather them up with Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen. I’ve always been a fan of Blue Lizard® products; they have a unique zinc oxide formulation and provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection (SPF30+) and I can pick it up when I’m at Walmart. Which makes it easy for me grab, especially when it’s in the Sun Zone.

Walmart Sun Zone Blue Lizard®Once we’ve got our Blue Lizard® on it’s time to enjoy our picnic lunch and hanging out in the backyard. I hate the idea of spilled drinks, because it can quickly ruin our time outside (just like a sunburn) so making outdoor cup holders was the perfect solution.

Supplies Needed:
Outdoor Cup Holder SuppliesAluminum Cans (I used 20 ounces or 32 ounces)
Drill or Hammer and nail
Fabric Scraps
Waterproof Outdoor Glue
Foam Brush
Threaded Rod 1/2 inch
Nuts & Washers 1/2 inch-20 (2 of each per can)

Step 1: Use aluminum cans that have been cleaned and dried
Step 2: Hammer down any metal snags around rim of the can
Outdoor cupholder step

Step 3: Drill a hole in the bottom of the can or take a nail and hammer a hole in the bottom
Step 4: Cut your fabric to go around the can and make sure it’s a little taller at the top to cover a little of the inside of the can

Outdoor cupholder stepsStep 5: Apply the waterproof/outdoor glue to the aluminum can all the way around

DIY oudoor cup holder stepStep 6: Adhere the fabric. Make sure you flatten it down as you go and smooth out any bumps or wrinkles
DIY outdoor cupholder stepsStep 7: Snip little slivers on the top of the excess fabric. This will help it to lay flatter
Outdoor cup holder stepsStep 8: Use the waterproof/outdoor glue on the top inside of the can, then push the fabric down to adhere to the can
DIY cup holder outdoor step

Step 9: Cover the exterior of the fabric with the waterproof/outdoor glue as well as the inside top
Step 10: Allow the can to dry
Cupholder Outdoor

Step 11: Place a nut on the threaded rod and then the washer. Put it on a little lower than the top
Step 12: Add the can
Outdoor cup holder stepStep 13: Place another washer and nut on top, inside the can and secure
Step 14: Once they are done you can either put them in ground, use at the beach, or take a pot with sand!

#BlueLizard Summer Outdoor Cupholder

I love having these around for picnics, BBQs or just hanging out. I have different heights so if we’re sitting in a chair we don’t have to lean over or if we’re on the ground it’s the perfect height. I also love that I can store other things in them, like my Blue Lizard® sunscreen.

Blue Lizard® UV BottleOne of the reasons I’ve always been a Blue Lizard® fan is because it’s trusted by dermatologists, and pediatricians. Plus, the bottle is a great reminder that the suns rays are harmful. When it’s exposed to harmful UV rays the bottle will change color from white to blue. It always surprises me how on even an overcast day the sun is still out and it’s best to protect your skin. Oh, and if you join iBotta you can earn $4.00 when you purchase Blue Lizard® Australian Sunscreen – Sensitive, 5 oz. bottle, which is a great savings.

DIY Outdoor cupholders

What fun plans do you have for this summer?

Outdoor Drink Stands #BlueLizardSummer

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