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With school in session I’m just waiting to get a note that there’s a field trip, and we need to provide a disposable lunch. It was something I used to dread, but then I thought about and it’s not so bad. I’ve even pulled together some different options and ideas that will make the teachers, kids and you happy about making a field trip lunch.

Disposable field trip lunch ideas

Lets start with a disposable lunch. Of course there’s the good old brown bag method, but I know a lot of people don’t keep these on hand. I also hate having to purchase something that’s just going to be throw away. My suggestion is to take a look inside your recycling bin. I found a large plastic tomato holder and salad mix container, that are perfect for me to put food into. A quick wash and you’re good to pack!

Easy Field Trip Lunch Ideas

What to pack. I always try to keep this part simple, but want my kids to get the proper nutrition so I pick items that are packed with goodness and easy to eat.

Drinks ideas:
Juicy Juice has lots of options and flavors. I like that I can use one of the Splashers or juice box and feel good that I’m giving the kids 100% real juice
Small bottle of water. A great way to stay hydrated

Yogurt: I love to put a squeezable yogurt in for lunch. I freeze it the night before so it stays cool.
Earth’s Best Prepackaged Berries: This cup is great. Not only does it come with a spoon, but the lid is sealed so I don’t have to worry about berry juice leaking and I freeze it overnight so it’s nice and cold when it’s time to eat
Clif-Kid Z-Bar Fruit and Veggie- These are brand new and I love that they combine both fruit and veggies. Keen Green is one of our favorites.
Cheese Sticks or Laughing Cow Cheese – These are the perfect way to get some protein and very easy to pack and go great with veggies.
Go-Go Squeez- Goodness on the go. These are easy to pack and eat and with lots of different flavors I know they’ll finish it quickly.
Apples- Nothing beats a good apple (unless you’re going to the orchard, because they usually get an apple there!)
Veggies – Carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas. Whatever you think your child will eat!

Sandwich – Of course you can make a sandwich, my kids typically go simple with ham or turkey and cheese. If PB & J were allowed I would totally make them that, but jelly and cream cheese is another great option.
Wrap or roll up: Wraps are always great if your kids enjoy them. Plus lets not forget roll-ups. My kids love when they get them in lunch.
Breakfast for Lunch: I also love to give them a fun surprise, maybe a waffle or french toast piece. We always make extra so grabbing one from the freezer and putting it in the baggie is a great treat.

Disposable field trip lunch ideasWhen it comes to packing the lunch don’t forget the napkins and finishing off with a special treat. I like to throw in some gold coins, because it’s fun, small and won’t ruin their appetite. I also like to add a special note on top with their name, teacher’s name and grade. I tape it on so there’s not confusion on who’s lunch it is, but make sure not to tape the sides of the container!

A field trip is a fun experience and bringing lunch is a part of that. Hopefully the next time you hear disposable lunch you’ll think “No Problem” and be ready to go!

Sharing is caring!