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This is a sponsored post from our friends Hanes! #FallforC9atTarget

I have always had a love for dance, and to this day being in a dance class excites me and gives me an hour of life. Since the days of wearing a leotard and tights are well behind me, I’m taking my workout fashion to a new level shopping at Target for the C9 Champion® collection. I’m also giving away a $50 Target Gift Card along with C9 Champion® Embrace Run Tights so read on!

Get Active with C9 ChampionAfter I had Camden I would take dance classes in the city regularly (once or even twice a week). I loved the time this gave me to be free and put my brain to work in a different way, but when we moved to the burbs it was harder to manage these classes. I then found Zumba a few blocks from our house and I did that for a while and it was fun, but then they moved to a new location. So it’s been about a year where I haven’t been dancing and my friend suggested I try this studio in town that does Dance Fusion.

C9 Champion Running Tights

Walking into a new place is tough, but I felt good with my C9 leggings and tech fleece. I need to be able to move and pull off layers as I warm up and I walked in feeling comfortable and confident. It also didn’t hurt that someone immediately gave me a compliment on my leggings. I love the iridescent graphic design and since they are technically performance run tights, the compression works to my advantage. Oh and there’s a hidden pocket in the back.

C9 Champion Active Wear at Target

The class is exactly what I need for me. It’s a chance to loose myself for an hour and allow my body to be in control, and while I may not be able to do the things I used to do I know that I’m doing something for me and that’s what’s important. I find the rest of my day is better and I’m a better person, less cranky and smiling more because I did something for me.

Dance Class in C9 Champion

I want to encourage you to also find something to keep you active, maybe it’s walking the kids to school or the dog around the block, maybe you want to take a boxing class, or finally take up running, join that yoga class you’ve been trying to make or get out and find a dance class like me. No matter how you choose to get active it starts with you and it doesn’t hurt when you’re wearing the right items and if you’re like me staying on budget.

C9 Group ProductThat’s why I’m excited to be working with Hanes to offer a great giveaway! C9 Champion® Fall into Fitness Giveaway – Win the new C9 Champion® Embrace Run Tights and a $50 Target Gift Card (can be used to purchase a new C9 Champion sports bra or fleece jacket!). Just enter below. Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 7th at 10pm EDT. US entries only. Must be 18 to enter.
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