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Since this is our 1st Halloween in the burbs I wanted to really make some great costumes.  I’ve heard that Maplewood, NJ was a great place to celebrate Halloween and it defiantly lived up to the hype.


At 3pm they close down their Main Street and all the stores give away candy.  It’s a true community feel.  As we walked up and down the road it was so nice to not worry about cars, but boy was it crowded.  My tip would be to get there right at 3pm.  The best part was seeing friends we’ve made since moving here and all their costumes.


Now speaking of costumes we went as a theme this year.  We were Peter Pan and crew.  I asked Eleanor months ago what she wanted to be for Halloween and she was back and forth between Peter Pan or Captain Hook, but in the end she picked our theme and what every one would be.  I did veto her idea of Camden being Tinkerbell “because he’s a little baby and Tinkerbell is little!”

Having my parents come up made the costumes even better, they completed our group ensemble.  Peter Pan, his shadow, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and the Tic Toc Crock


Making our costumes was actually a lot of fun and I think they turned out great.

The best part was walking around our neighbor hood trick or treating, getting to know our neighbors and handing out our own candy.  It sure beats walking up and down Dekalb Ave to the liquor store trick or treating in Brooklyn!


We hope everyone else had a great night as well!



Sharing is caring!