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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Party City. All thoughts are my own. 

The moment I enter September I know it’s time to start planning and decorating for the spooky season, and that means a trip to Party City to see all the new Halloween decor and this year I was inspired to pull together a Halloween Fireplace. 

Halloween Fireplace Party CityI knew I wanted to bring some fun to the inside of the house, so I hopped online to see what Party City had to offer. I’m a classic when it comes to Halloween and don’t go super scary or gory. As I searched the decor I started to fill my cart with ideas, and learned that you can do In Store or Curbside pickup, it was also great to see if my local store had the items I was looking for in-stock.  The more I searched the more I knew I wanted to head to the store to pull together a unique and fun fireplace at an affordable cost.

I always get excited when I walk into the doors of Party City, decorations everywhere, ideas for indoor and outdoor decor, and the thoughts of parties and fun. Within seconds I could hear the sounds of spooky decor and see the balloons of parties to come for the day. 

Party City Halloween ornament wreath

Party City Halloween Decor

I fell in love online with a classic and beautiful Glitter Halloween Ornament Wreath and seeing it in person I knew I wanted this to be the focal point of my fireplace. For $20 I can’t DIY something this nice and cute so in the cart it went and my theme of black, white and orange, was picked.

Party City Jack Skellington Light up PumpkinI also wanted to grab the Nightmare before Christmas banner and Light up Jack Skellington pumpkin because I knew the black and white would work well and we are huge fans of the movie. Add in some cauldrons, a creepy cloth and a watchful crow and I had picked up the key pieces for the mantle. 

Halloween Decor DIYs from Party CityI did want to add in a little more of the black, white and orange and as I walked around the store I was inspired by all the different sections. I found some black and white paper fans, but needed to add more orange to the big picture, so picked up some orange plates to use with them.I grabbed some black fabric roses from the Halloween decor, but wanted a black and white stripe vase to hold them, and that’s when I saw a white megaphone and knew if I hot glued some black beads it could be the perfect thing to give some height. 

Jack Skellington Light up Pumpkin Party City

Halloween Fireplace

Once I got home I knew it was time to pull together the look, and got to work on making my DIY projects. It’s amazing what you can do with some basic party supplies and a hot glue gun, it keeps things festive and affordable, and adds in a personal touch. 

After I hung the wreath, everything just fell into place, but we played around with the creepy cloth on the mantle, or hanging it from the mirror. That’s one of the things I really enjoy is while these items work for my fireplace they can also work in other areas of the house for years to come, so we can always change things up and add more. 

Overall this Halloween Fireplace was under $85 to pull together, and every time I walk by I am brought so much joy. No matter what your Halloween style, black and orange, spooky, cute, gory, scary, or something else Party City has something for everyone. 

Will you be decorating this Halloween? 

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