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If you’re looking for a colorful party game look no further than Hues and Cues! This party game brings a rainbow of fun to any game night and I’m sharing some tips on why you’ll want to add this to your list of games to play stat! 

Hues and Cues Game

Hues and Cues

Lets start with the idea of the game (which The OP games sent for my review) Hues and Cues by Scott Brady (Note: It’s available at Target, Barnes and Nobel and Amazon). You’ve got a board with 480 different color squares laid out in a grid, no worries if you’re colorblind, because it IS colorblind friendly. One person will be the cue giver, where they will pick 1 of the 4 squares on a card. They must come up with a one word cue to give. Once they have given their cue the person to the right will place their colored cone on the square they think it is. Once everyone has gone the cue giver will give a second cue that can be up to 2 words, and the last person to have placed their cone is the first for this round. Keep in mind there’s only one cone per color. 

Hues and Cues Game BoardThen it’s time for the square of truth (that’s what we decided to call it). If you picked the exact color you get 3 points, anyone inside the square gets 2 point and anyone directly outside of the square gets 1 point. The cue giver gets 1 point for each cone inside the square. Then the player to the left picks the next card and it begins again. 
How to play Hues and Cues

Hues and Cues Party Game

What’s great about this game is it’s perfect for a big group, 3-10 players, and ages 8 and up. We’ve played with 4 people and 8 people and loved it both ways, but I think the more people you have playing the more fun it is. This game will also work virtually as long as there’s a game board at each location. Since you’re giving verbal cues, you can tell people which square you’re landing on E4 and they can place a cone there. Lets just say a few friends and family members will be getting this game for birthdays and holidays this year!! This is also a great game for a holiday gift exchange (hint, hint!)

Hues and Cues Party Game

Tips for playing Hues and Cues

When playing the cue giver you have to think about your cue. You can’t say the colors of the rainbow, ROY G. BIV, but you can use magenta, turquoise, coral and other crayon box names you can remember. We also found we used foods, cartoon characters, and Harry Potter and Disney references, make for some fun cues. 
The biggest tip I would give is looking at your cue card early. While player 1 was giving cues, player 2 would grab their card, and start to think about what cues they wanted to give. When playing with younger kids this is super helpful to keep the game moving.  

Family Game Hues and CuesWhat we really enjoyed most about this game was the surprise factor, either when someone would land directly on the spot or, if our group was totally off. We also had a lot of fun adding a drumroll for when the cue giver would place the “square of truth” on the board giving some dramatics. 

I see this game being one we pull out for years as a family or when we want to have a group name night. Now tell me how would you describe your favorite color? 

Disclosure: A sample game was provided for this review. As always all opinions are my own. 

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