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 I find that a Mom’s Night Out doesn’t happen a lot. For me my evenings are spent catching up on projects, writing, or running around to different activities and events, so when the opportunity to hang out with my blogging Moms and some of favorite brands comes up I jump at the chance, especially when there’s a lot of crafty fun to be had. 

Mom's Night Out Gets Crafty

I attended a previous Mom’s Night Out, which is hosted by Momtrends and Parents Magazine. Both have been a beacon of ideas and support over the years so getting to spend an evening crafting, laughing and learning. 

Parents gives great fun food ideas like Spider DonutsI love to make fun things with and for the kids, and I always get so many idea when I flip through the pages of Parents, especially when it comes to making fun treats. Nothing’s better than some spooky fruit kabobs, or Spider donuts or holiday themed milkshakes.

Spooky Milkshakes

Bring on the sprinkles, candy eyes, ideas. I can’t wait to see what else Parents comes up with each holiday. 

Parents Scents Alchemologie

I was also so fascinated with learning about Parents scents Alchemologie. I had no idea all the different aspects that go into making a perfume. It was fun to come up with my own and learn about the 3 parts of a perfume. Making my own custom scent was a first and it’s interesting how there were so many options and choices. 

Baby Dove

When it comes to babies, I’m not planning anymore, but I have plenty of friends and co-workers that growing their families, and I love to give gifts that are useful and drop some useful information. Did you know babies are born with a living protective layer of microflora on their skin, known as their microbiome. Unique to each baby, the microbiome works to maintain skin’s health while also helping with skin’s natural protection and nourishment. Baby Dove is uniquely made with prebiotic moisture and 100% skin-natural nutrients to gently nourish your baby’s delicate microbiome, so obviously I’ll be gifting this for anyone I know having a baby. I also use Baby Dove for my kids still because I trust it and know it’s delicate for them. 

Clorox is there for the craft cleanups

I ended my night making a DIY Snowglobe and was very thankful to have Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes on hand. When doing craft projects I often find more glue on the table and kids hands than on the project. Knowing that I can grab a wipe and disinfect and unglued fingers is awesome plus it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria for fewer sick days. So that’s more time do fun activities and DIYs! 

Parents, Dove, Clorox and friends

What I love about a night like this is hanging out with my friends, learning new things, and the fact that we got to do so many fun projects was just the icing on the spider donut. Thank you Momtrends and Parents it was a very needed Mom’s Night Out! 

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