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New Year’s Eve is an exciting night to celebrate. This year we wanted to celebrate not only as a family, but with out friends we’ve made since we moved to our town. So we decided to host a party where the ball dropped at 8pm.

New Year's Family StyleWe kept it simple, people could wear whatever they wanted, we have everything from pj’s to party dresses, because it’s all about being festive and I personally always love a reason to dress up.

NYE fruit clockThe food was an Appy New year theme with appetizers, meatballs, crab balls, bacon wrapped scallops, tons of cheese and I made a point to make pb&j for the kids and have pirate booty close by.

NYE PhotoBoothWe set up a little selfie booth in the corner, I used a plastic table cloth and made some photo booth props with my Cricut.

New Year's Eve

I made some pipe cleaner crowns and had glow bracelets on hand for the kids. We also had tons of party horns and blowers. I pulled them out at different times so it kept the kids busy throughout the night.

NYE balloon drop

The big fun was our ball drop at 8pm. I’ll have the full tutorial up soon on how to do it. We passed out champagne to all the adults and started the count down of our New Year. As we yelled Happy New Year we had Auld Lang Syne set to play we watched the kids jump with excitement as they rushed to grabbed their favorite color balloon.

For me the joy was walking around the house and wishing our friends a happy new year and thinking of the great memories we have ahead.



Sharing is caring!