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When I asked Camden what kind of a cake he wanted for his Paw Patrol party, he didn’t say chocolate or vanilla, he said he wanted a Paw Patroller cake. So I put on my thinking cap and with Mike’s help we came up with an easy and awesome design for the perfect Paw Patrol fan.

"Paw Patroller Cake"

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Here are the supplies needed:
2 boxes of Cake mix (no shame I love a box mix)
2 containers of frosting
2 meatloaf pans
Wilton dye colors (red, black, blue and teal)
melting chocolate (red, white and blue)
Parchment paper
frosting spatula (Not needed, but makes it a lot easier)
plastic baggies

To start we made a cake mix for each meatloaf pan, don’t forget to spray or butter and flour the inside so they flip out easily. Keep in mind that you will need to cook the cakes longer because they are taller. This will depend on your oven, but ours were an additional 25 minutes each

Once they’re done flip them out of the pan and allow them to cool. It’s very important that they are completely cool in order to decorate them.

"Steps for Paw Patroller cake"Step 1: To create the Paw Patroller you need to cut them. You want to cut 1/3 of one of the loafs. It’s not a straight cut, but at a small angle, then down.
Step 2: You’ll want to place it on your base. I took 2 cake boards and taped them together and covered it with black chalkboard paper so it would look like the road.
Step 3: Put the 2/3 piece and full piece as close as possible to make the back of the cab. Then place the front piece as a small angle and cover the whole thing with grey frosting (this will be one container of frosting with some black food dye mixed in)
Step 4: Once it’s covered you’ll want to shape out the light blue base. To do this I took the top part of the oreos and put them on as wheels and then took a knife to draw my lines. Then I took the wheels off and put some blue (mix of blue and teal coloring) frosting in a plastic bag and cut off the tip to pipe it on.
Step 5: Once you’re outlined the blue base put the wheels (Oreos) back on and fill in what you need.
Step 6: The top of the truck is Red so mix your red coloring. I didn’t get it a deep red, but was happy with my color. I then put it in a plastic bag and snipped the edge and piped on the top using a knife to spread it out.
Step 7: To add the blue line I used blue melting chocolate and piped it on. I would recommend trying blue frosting instead, but either one will work.
Step 8: Take a small amount of white frosting and pipe on the front window.

"Paw Patroller DIY cake"That’s the cake. Now I also make the symbols out of melting chocolate and I made 4. I think this really completed the look of the Paw Patroller.

Step 1: Print out the symbol and put parchment paper over it.
Step 2: Melt the chocolate (I put a small dot of cooking oil in each batch)
Step 3: Put the white chocolate in a plastic bag and pipe out the shape and paw print. I find having a toothpick to help even out and get a smooth line helps.
Step 4: The chocolate gets hard pretty quick, once you finish with the white fill in the rest with the red using a toothpick to help smooth it out
Step 5: Allow it to set and then take it off the parchment and place on the Paw Patroller!

Overall making this cake takes a little bit of time, but you don’t need to be a pro to do it. The look on his face when he saw it that morning was worth the time and effort. Plus everyone at the party loved it.

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