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This is a sponsored post on behalf of BabbleBoxx. All opinions are my own.

The TV is constantly set to some football game in our home during the season, and having friends over to watch any game and enjoy some eats is one of my favorite things. Since I want to enjoy my guests and not spend tons of time in the kitchen I’ve got some great ideas from my most recent BabbleBoxx for some quick and easy big game meals everyone will love.

Quick & Easy Big Game Meals

Sometimes it’s nice to switch things up food wise and we’ve been known to serve baked ziti while watching the ball get tossed around and RAGÚ® Sauces are my secret ingredient, it brings that old world style flavor just by opening the lid. Smooth and flavorful this spaghetti sauce is always a hit. Plus there are 2 servings of veggies in every 1/2 cup of sauce. I also just learned about the RAGÚ® Double Cheddar Sauce and this will make mac and cheese so much easier and tastier.


We found that making some air fried chicken strips and dipping them in either sauce was super tasty and very easy. There are also tons of ideas for meals and appetizers using RAGÚ® sauces, so check out this Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Southwest Mac and Cheese for the big game. What apps would you make?

Garden of Eatin

Of course watching the big game means snacking and the Garden of Eatin’® chips are my families favorite. I don’t mind sharing them with the kids because they are NON-GMO ingredients and put a twist on flavor. Since they’re available nationwide the hardest thing to pick will be the flavor, and we’re a house divided on what’s the best one. We all loved different ones, Corn Chips with Sea Salt, Corn Chips BBQ Black Bean and my favorite the Blue Corn Chips with Sea Salt. I’ve also got a coupon for you to get $0.75 off any one variety.

Midea Air Fryer

I think I was most excited for the Midea MFTN3501 Air Fryer. I am addicted to using this appliance, and wish I had it earlier in the season because it’s an MVP for making tasty food. Powered by 1500 watts of super-heated air that circulates I don’t need to use extra oil and I can grill, bake and roast with this Air Fryer. It doesn’t matter if I’m making french fries, fried pickles, chicken strips or chicken wings the taste is awesome and cleanup is even easier. I can’t wait to share more recipes with you.

Red Duck

Once all my food is air fried it’s time to add some flavor, and the Smoky Ketchup from Red Duck had me dipping everything in sight and licking my fingers.  I know the Smoked Applewood Molasses BBQ sauce with some chicken wings is going to be my go-to for future parties. Knowing about this organic ketchup and BBQ sauce has me thinking of different ways to use it. I can swap out tomato paste, or throw some sauce on my next pizza, and since it’s honest ingredients I feel good about enjoying it.

Bonus: Readers can use code BABBLEBOXX to get 25% off your next Red Duck order (valid till February 28th, 2018).

BIG AZ sandwiches

Sometimes I don’t want to go to all the trouble of making different things and that’s when BIG AZ® sandwiches work for me. I love being able to offer something different, and we can all have our favorites whether we want to eat it at the top of the game, half-time or as we celebrate a victory. I just pick up a variety, there are 9 lunch sandwiches and 4 breakfast, and let people choose which one they prefer. It’s seems the BIG AZ Sriracha Chicken Sandwich is always a hit with it’s tangy-sweet hot sauce, but I’m a fan of the Kickin’ Jalapeno Burger.  Either way I like that I can just pull them from the fridge and make them when the time is right.


If there’s one thing I always love to have at a party, especially for the big game it’s a meat and cheese plate. This is something all ages enjoy and Formaggio Italian cheeses make entertaining easy and tasty. The Artisan wraps disappear moments after they touch the plate, and I adore the fact that I didn’t have to wrap these Italian style meats around fresh mozzarella. As for the fresh marinated Mozzarella salad cup, I just add some tomatoes and and I’m done, all the flavor is in the marinade and it only took me a moment to prep. When we’re shopping at Costco we always pick these up, don’t worry you can also get them at Sam’s Club. You won’t be disappointed with the quality or flavors.

Overall there are so many amazing ideas to help get you ready for the big game and make you feel a little better. I love that these products don’t leave a heavy feeling and that I can easily jump up for joy when the big touchdown, or halftime show comes on.

What will you be trying out for the big game?

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