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I have a secret…I bought jeans from WalMart and they are oh so soft. I was both shocked and delighted with how much I love the new line Heavenly Soft from Riders by Lee.

Riders by Lee Heavenly TouchNow I wouldn’t have gone in on my own and found these, when it comes to WalMart I find the quality of clothes isn’t great, it’s usually very scratchy to me. I was actually invited to an event where we got to try out a pair and shirt and that’s when I knew I needed more. Thankfully my friend Jenny from NYCJenny joined me in a fun night of pictures, style and comfort.

Heavenly Touch jeansWhen it comes to jeans comfort is very important to me. If I’m not wearing a dress I’m wearing jeans (I’m not a legging or yoga pant person) and some kind of t-shirt or plaid top. So when I saw all the different shirt options and the fact they are $15 I knew I would be stocking up. It’s the little details in the cuff being a different pattern or the fact that they are double lined, but still soft enough that I can lounge around or go out and hang with friends.

Riders by LeeThe jeans have so many different styles it’s hard to pick. I prefer the skinny leg, and there are multiple washes. I even convinced some girlfriends, who are anti skinny jeans, to try them on and they were surprised with how comfortable and soft they felt, but also how slimming they can be. It’s important to remember to move forward with fashion, and even if you’re on a budget you can do it with Riders by Lee jeans, since they are only $20. They also have a curvy cut to slender stretch acknowledging that are many different body types and styles. Ranging from size 4 to 28 and in multiple lengths you can get the perfect fit without going to a tailor.

I also got a sneak peek into their spring line and am looking forward to adding some more pants, shorts and tops to my wardrobe. So the next time you’re in Walmart or Kmart for a quick trip or looking for new jeans. Give these a try I think they will surprise you.

Disclaimer: I was provided an outfit at the event, but then went out and bought another one personally. All opinions are my own.

Sharing is caring!