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Affiliate links disclosureDoes Santa visit your house on December 24th? He’s been a regular with our family, and we’ve also discovered that if he eats too many cookies he may lose a button. This is how we have come to find Santa’s Button under out tree and the magic of Christmas continues…

Santa ButtonAt a certain age the questions will begin, and while I still believe in Santa, I want my children to experience the magic for as long as possible. A few years ago I discovered a special button, Santa’s Button, and knew that there would be a year that it would be a great surprise for the kids to know that magic is behind Santa.

Of course the button is found on Christmas morning under the tree, and since Santa’s suit is special the thread that keeps his button in place is just like tinsel. The magic that’s discovered in finding something so small will have wide eyes and wonder. It also doesn’t hurt that the book Santa’s Stuck mentions Santa eating too many sweets and pops a button.

Santa Button SurpriseOur button has beautiful detail, a gold button with an SC and some holly leaves and berries on it will have everyone questioning if Santa should have eaten all those sweets.

After the holiday we’ll make sure to put the button in a safe place and when our Elf on the Shelf, Fezziplum, visits we’ll leave it out so they can return it to the jolly old man so his suit is ready to go for the holiday.

To me part of the magic of Christmas is believing and I’m glad that I can add a little more magic under the tree with our Santa Button.

How do you continue to believe?

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