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I grew up in Kent County Delaware, and have fond memories of visiting Spence’s Bazaar with my family. Today I’m sharing why this part flea, part farmer’s market  is a must visit if you’re driving through or to Dover, DE on a Tuesday, Friday or Saturday!

Spence's Bazaar - Dover, Delaware

To give you a little history Spence’s Bazaar opened in May 1933 at 550 S. New St, Dover by the Spence family. It started as a livestock auction, but things changed with time. It grew as a place for people to sell various items, add in the Amish men and women selling everything from bacon, to fresh bread to homemade pretzels and you’ve got “The Sale”

That’s what I grew up calling it. I remember my grandmother taking me because this is where she got her meat and I would get some money to buy a little something from whatever table I wanted. Since the outside was like a huge flea market/yard sale a little bit went a long way. I even remember getting a table with girl friends in high school and selling stuff to help pay for college. You can also pick up fresh veggies and plants from local farmers.

There are 2 different buildings. The barn which is where you can find anything from lace doilies to Amish furniture or that missing Pizza Hut glass you’ve been looking for. It’s fun to just walk through and see what they have.

Spence's Bazaar Lunch

The other building is the Market, and that’s my favorite. This is where I go to get the best lunch and stock up on good food.

Spence's Bazaar SandwichesLook for the sandwiches sign and you’ll surely see a line. I love the pork sandwich with cheese and that sweet/hot Amish mustard. The amount of meat they give you could make 3 sandwiches so $4 really will go a long way. Add in the homemade pretzels and it’s perfect.

Spence's Bazaar PretzelsLooking for something sweet? They are making tons of delicious goodies at the Pennsylvania Bread Company and Pennsylvania Dutch Donuts. We watched them making bread, cinnamon sticks, cakes and brownies while we walked around. To say it’s fresh is an understatement.

Spence's Bazaar DessertsI love picking up some fresh rolls and bread for later in the week. Plus there’s the meat counter. This is where we get lunch meat, bacon, rotisserie chickens and so much more.

I love the tradition of “the sale” and now that I don’t live in DE it’s always an exciting thing for us to visit. Since it’s only open on Tuesdays, Friday’s and Saturdays it’s something to plan around. Also, a lot of it is CASH ONLY so make sure you hit up the ATM before you go.

It’s places like this that remind me to get off the highway and explore when traveling. You never know what local traditions and delights you’ll find.

Spence's Bazaar Dover, DEHave you been to Spence’s Bazaar?

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