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Every year my kids and I look forward to what we’ll find in our stocking from Santa. I’m always looking for stocking stuffers that the family will enjoy and use so I thought I would pull together a list of some fun ideas for everyone

Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

Wallet NinjaWallet Ninja
This is defiantly something I hope to find in my stocking. I love to be prepared and this does so many things, cell phone stand, bottle opener, and so much more, 18 things to be exact. This works for anyone who carries a wallet, and perfect for the teen, college student, or adult.

Whiffer Sniffers Stocking StufferWhiffer Sniffers
If you have someone who carries a backpack these clips are so cool. My kids love having them, and how they smell. I think the names are too cute, Billy Blueberry and Chunky Chunk are my kids favorites. They also have Mystery Packs so you don’t know what you’ll get (these will be in the kids stockings for sure). Plus it’s a great thing if you’re doing a secret santa or white elephant for kids!

Crayola Color in SocksCrayola Color In Socks
When I saw these I thought what a great idea. You get the relaxation of coloring and then you can show off your work when wearing the socks. Since it comes with the fabric markers all you need to do it pick the design and between, candy, flowers, dinosaurs, sugar skulls and more you’ll have plenty to pick from and kids and adults will enjoy.

Tapple 10Tapple 10
This game fits perfectly in the stocking and will bring the whole family together to play. It’s quick, fun and will have you gathered around laughing.

I know what you’re thinking, but this is a great stocking stuffer, not only for adults, but also teens! Lots of different scents, and you just have to “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know”

Hang'em Hatch'em EggsChristmas Ornament Super Grow Eggs
If you weren’t able to get the coveted Hot toy this holiday this may be the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s a 3 pack of eggs that you hang on the tree and they hatch in 1-2 days, you’ll get a polar bear, snowman and penguin. You’ll also have everyone wondering when they will hatch!

If you’re looking for a cup to keep your drink cold for hours. Then this is a great one at a good price. Fill it with some candy or socks and it’s even more fun to open.

This mold-able glue has so many uses. We always have cords that need repairing and this is a cool and effective way to fix exactly what you need. It’s also great for adding a little personality to your chargers, cords and just about anything.

Super Dinky DoodlesDinky Doodles
This fun little book will have kids and adults of all ages having a little fun. It may seem silly, but that’s the point so embrace it and enjoy a little creativity!

These are 9 fun ones that I think all ages can enjoy, and since they’re all on Amazon you still have time to get them so the stockings will be ready.

What fun ideas do you have for filling stockings?


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