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Last week Eleanor celebrated her 6th birthday and when I asked her what kind of party she would like she said Superhero.

"Superhero gym party"We decided to have the party at Sunburst Gymnastics because where else would Superheros train? It was a great experience and I loved that the kids were active, having fun and the teachers really made Eleanor feel special as the birthday girl.

Sunburst Superhero gym partyBecause it was offsite I kept is pretty simple. We asked the kids to wear superhero shirts, and Mike and I also joined in the fun. The party was at 5pm so we brought in Chick-fil-a nuggets, had some fruit and veggies and pirate bootie for food. The kids were working hard in the gym so we also had waters and juice ready to go.


Superhero foodThe big treat was the cupcakes and singing. We made Superhero logos out of chocolate for the tops of the cupcakes and the kids loved that they could actually eat them!

Superhero Band-Aid favorsFor favors I’m all about function. I really wanted to make the kids capes and masks, but since they were in the gym I decided to do something else. I gave superhero themed Band-aids and a superhero pin with a cute tag on top. I have a free printable of the topper here. It was great because both the parents and the kids were excited about the favors.

Eleanor's 6th birthday partyThe party was awesome, and I think everyone had a great time, especially the birthday girl. I also loved that they let me take a fun group photo. I mean what’s a birthday party without a silly shot with your friends or your family attempting to all jump together!

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