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Every May for one week schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation week. This week is about thanking the teachers and staff and while gifts are nice there are some pretty cool things you can do that cost nothing.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas that Cost Nothing

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Our school is planning this years theme and really trying to think of things that show how much you appreciate your teacher. Thankfully I get the teacher to fill out my Teacher Questionnaire making some of these things even easier!

Say Thank you

Yes it’s simple, but your child verbally saying thank you for being my teacher will go a long way!

Wear your teachers favorite color

We did this for our teacher last year and it was so special to her. Seeing her entire class wearing her favorite color was a non verbal way of showing they cared. Plus those kids were so proud to share their teachers favorite color.

Applause Parade

This can work in a few different ways. Maybe you organize it for the whole school and the teachers walk through or keep it in the class and have the teacher walk through the kids.

Dance Party

If your teacher has a favorite song play it and have the kids perform for them.

High 5 a teacher or staff

This one works for for everyone. Of course you want to give your teacher a high 5 but don’t forget about past teachers or specials.

Write a note or draw a picture

Kids and adults can do this and it means a lot to teachers.

Write a Principle letter

This one is more for the adults but taking a moment to draft a letter to the Principal about the teacher and how much you appreciate they do is like getting a card in the mail you were expecting.

Free Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Ideas that are FREEWhat’s great about these ideas is all members of class can participate and feel included, which is something teachers also appreciate.

Learning should be fun and thanking the people who do that should be appreciated.

How do you thank teachers and staff?

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