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It’s a fine balance for me working in NYC and living in NJ so to say I understand the rivalry between the New York Giants and the New York Jets is pretty safe. So when Proctor and Gamble reached out to tell me about #TheClosestRivals face-off at Metlife stadium this Sunday, December 6th, at 1pm between Eric Decker and Prince  Amukamara and I had to laugh at their playful fun rivalry.

#TheClosestRivals Jets vs. Giants

I know when it comes to football I think of friends and having people over for some game day fun. Key Food has all your needs to get your food and home game day ready for a party, and I feel like they have locations all over so it’s easy to stop in and pick up all your needs. No one likes to run out of t.p before the big t.d. so stocking up on Charmin is key. Fighting tough grease with Dawn is the best defense you can give to those plates and pick up some Bounty paper towels while you’re at it because chicken wings fingers on your favorite jersey is something you can combat. Quality items, great prices and a friendly staff all make Key Food the place to shop.

Getting ready for the game isn’t just about prepping your home, it’s also about watching the teams interact. Especially when you have the Jets vs. Giants, and this Sunday will be the 13th game of them going head to head. Key Food and Proctor and Gamble have been working with Eric and Prince to get creative in some fun trash talking. You can see all the videos on the Key Food Youtube so make sure you check them out. I know I found them to be clever and funny. Watching Eric and Prince practice their touchdown dance moves with Charmin t.p cracks me up every time.

Football is about fun, food and a friendly competitive spirit and I think these players and companies are bringing in the positive competition that the whole family can enjoy. I can’t wait to watch the game this Sunday and see who wins, so make sure you follow along with me on facebook, twitter and instagram because I’ll be posting live!

Which team are you rooting for?

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