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For over a year I have been curious about Tieks, a ballet flat that claims to be the best and most comfortable one out there. About 9 months ago I decided to make the purchase. Now I’m talking about my Tieks and how to order the right size!

How to order the right size Tieks

How to buy Tieks

I know what you’re thinking why did you debate buying a pair of ballet flats? Well these flats come with a hefty price tag. Starting at $175 you’re getting quality leather and a supportive and flexible shoe, but if you’re like me that’s a big portion of the yearly shoe budget so I really needed to know that they were as comfortable and awesome as everyone claimed.

Tieks Sizing:

I’m usually a size 6 or 6.5 and after reading the site and other reviews I decided to get the size 6, since the shoes are only sold in whole sizes. I put a pair of violet in my cart and hit the buy button. It was a tough thing to click, but I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to get my blue box with the famous flower and handwritten note. The shoes arrived in 2 days and I tried them on and thought okay. They were snug and didn’t feel as comfortable as I thought and I was a bit bummed, so I put them back in the box. Then the holidays came around and they sat in the box, and it was cold so they sat some more. I tried to put them on again in February and they just didn’t feel right. That’s when I decided to call customer service.

I’m so glad I called, they recommended I try the size 7 and said they would get them out, at no extra charge with a prepaid return label, so I could compare the 2 sizes and ship back which ever one I didn’t want. At this moment I also decided I wanted to change my color so I asked if the 7 could be the Cardinal red.  No problem and 2 days later they arrived at my door.

Tieks Cardinal Red

I am so thankful because I slipped on the  size 7 and it was perfect. These shoes felt like butter on my feet and after breaking them in (about 2 days) they became my go to shoes.

Do Tieks Stretch

Then I decided I wanted to get another pair. Since I had been through the 1st round I knew I needed a size 7 so I placed my order for Matte Black, they arrived and I put them on and they were tight. I know Tieks has a rule that you can return the shoes as long as you don’t wear them outside of the house so I wore them around the house for a few days. Something just felt off. I decided to email them to see about exchanging them. I went back and forth with Jessica, who was amazing, and she told me that sometimes the leather is different and will stretch, but in the end I asked to exchange these for another pair, and changed my color to Mustard Yellow. When they arrived 2 days later they fit like a glove.

Best Fit for Tieks

The point of my post is to help make sure you’re getting the best fit with your Tieks. So here are my 4 tips:

  1. If you wear a half size I recommend you round up (ex. If you wear size 7.5 order a size 8)
  2. Wear your Tieks around the house to “break them in” (remember once you wear them outside you can’t return or exchange them)
  3. Make sure you’re happy with them (this goes for fit and color)
  4. Tieks Customer Service is amazing don’t hesitate to contact them even if it’s just to say great job!

Talking Tieks How to order the right size

So when you’re ready to make the purchase just know that Tieks has an awesome customer service team on hand to help you make sure you have the perfect fit! The hardest part is choosing the color.

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