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It was over 100 years ago on April 14th, 1912, the Titanic hit ice, and it has been a topic of interest and fascination since. I’ve decided to pull together how you can learn, read and explore more of that Unsinkable Ship and how the legacy of the Titanic is still alive today. 


To start I became interested in the Titanic (The Wonder Ship) in 5th grade, when my teacher shared her passion for the history. Over the years I’ve learned more, read more and seen more to get an understanding of what the ship and that night were like.

Of course there are books galore, for young and old, and there’s always a story or information we weren’t familiar with before. There’s even a cookbook. 

Titanic Books for Kids

Titanic books for Kids

I remember making a model of the ship in my youth with a class, and there are a few different ways you can build your own, or solve a puzzle or mystery puzzle. 


I also really enjoy the style and memorabilia of the time. From plates, to dresses, to jewelry there’s a lot of ways to feel like a passenger. Lets also not forget about the movies. I mean the 1997 hit Titanic with Kate and Leo took the world by storm, but I’m also a fan of the musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown. 

Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum

It was on a recent trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, that I learned there was a Titanic Museum, and I knew we needed to visit this and it was the perfect opportunity to teach and introduce my children to the historic night and ship.  

Titanic Museum Boarding PassThis museum is really interactive as you learn about the history and even board the ship as a passenger. As you go through you see the different types of rooms, learn facts, see the most remaining life jackets and discover if you survived the night or not. 

Photography and videos are not allowed, but walking through kept the interest of all of us, and they did a great job of making the experience kid friendly. One of the things we found really fascinating was the grand staircase. We learned about the expensive linoleum floor, and that the ceiling was made of milk glass. 

Note: They are currently offering a Virtual tour of the Titanic Museum with an education guide. 

While this was a tragedy of the time it still remains important and changed travel as we know it today. I’m hoping by sharing these resources it helps to teach and learn more while remembering the history and lives of those on the ship. 



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