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Family game night is important to us. It’s also a tradition that each year there will be a new family game as a holiday gift.

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Quick Cups Review

I love that we get a gift that’s not only about spending together, but tons of fun. This year I’ve been looking forward to the game Quick Cups for what seems like forever.

I first saw it last February at the Toy Fair and have been obsessed with it. I took it down to DE for Thanksgiving so we could test it out. The object of the game is you have 6 different colored cups and a stack of cards. When the card is flipped you have to put the cups in that color order either left to right on stacking on top of each other. The person who stacks correctly and rings the bell first gets the card. Once you’ve gone through all the cards the person with the most cards is the winner. It’s a quick and competitive game.

Quick Cups Stacking Game

It’s a great game for all ages and really works the muscles in your brain. I know Mike and I had a very dueling round against each other. I’m a better top to bottom stacker and he’s better going left to right. The kids like to play it with us, but since they aren’t as competitive and we work in teams so we can all enjoy it together.

Quick Cup Family Game

I also really like that you can play this with 6 people making it fun for when family comes to visit or we have friends over.

If you’re looking for something fun to give this holiday or do family game nights you need to check out Quick Cups. I know this will be getting a lot of use in the winter months and bring us lots of laughs.

Still looking for some other fun games? We also love HeadBanz (they have Adult, Kid, Marvel and even Disney versions), Rapidoodle and Would you Rather.

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