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Travel Town MuseumThere’s something special about trains that children of all ages adore and if you’re in near Griffith Park in California then you have to visit Travel Town Museum.

Travel Town walking the tracksLet me start by saying this is a FREE place to go with the kids, and this was actually my second time visiting with the kids. It’s just the perfect way to spend a morning or afternoon exploring. Walking around and checking out all the different trains and pieces of railroad history is just cool.
Travel Town lets you climb up and be the conductorSince all of the train’s are stationary you have the chance to go inside some of them so you can feel like the conductor and touch things or pull levers. The steps up are high so be careful with little ones. I also love letting the kids wander free. When else would they be able to walk railroad tracks at no risk?

Travel Town Museum Holden's CornerSome trains and cars date back to the 1860’s, and it’s amazing to see how travel has changed over the years. We also enjoyed checking out the museum part and looking at the train cars that were used from the circus or learning how steam engines worked and they even had a small play area for young kids to enjoy.

Travel Town Museum in CAThere are tons of picnic tables where you can bring lunch or snacks and sit and enjoy and we even saw a birthday party happening, so I’m assuming you can book parties there.

Travel Town Train RideOf course what would a visit to a Travel Town be without a train ride. They have a small steam train that goes all around the outside of the perimeter. There is a charge of $2.75 per person, and we like to finish off the visit with this.

Travel Town Woo-hooTravel Town Museum is a great place to visit for the whole family. It’s been a great way for the kids to spend time with their grandparents, and for everyone to feel like a kid. If you’re near the Griffith Park area I recommend you plan a visit.

Travel Town Griffith ParkHave you ever been to Travel Town Museum? If you’re in the area make sure you also check out the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round.

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