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Universal Orlando has something very very special about it. While it’s a park with awesome rides it holds something more valuable to me and that’s allowing the kids and my imagination and to grow even more.


UO-Universal OrlandoWith 2 different parks Island of Adventures and Universal Studios we were amazed with how each section captured so many different themes. Right down to the different uniforms each employee wears.


Universal Orlando-SeusslandingI knew from a previous visit that I wanted to hit up SeussLanding 1st. Especially since my little guys shares the same birthday as Dr. Seuss it made me even more excited. He’s also just under 40 inches so I knew he would able to ride the rides.


Universal Orlando-fish-rideWe loved Red Fish Blue Fish and giggled at the idea that we may get sprayed. In the Florida heat we welcomed it and were very excited to cool off and have fun.


Universal Orlando-Cara-susselMy favorite is the Cara-sussel. This carousel isn’t like any other. It’s a completely interactive one. Even the seats make some motion. No matter the child or adult you are able to make something move.


Universal Orlando-HogsmeadeAfter Seuss Landing we decided to enter the World of Harry Potter- Hogsmeade. This was what I was most excited to see and I turned into a big kid as we walked through looking at all the different shops, eating lunch at The Three Broomsticks and trying out a frozen Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice.


Universal Orlando-TriWizardThey really have captured the essence of the world and we even got to see a show about the Tri-Wizard Spirit Rally and I missed it, but the kids loved the Frog Choir. There were also a few rides but the best one was for the kids. Flight of the Hippogriff (must be 38 inches) was by far their favorite ride of the day. Walking through the line seeing Hagrids hut and even watching the Hippogriff bow to us was awesome.


Universal Orlando -flight-HippogriffMike and I managed to take use of the rider swap so we could each ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and Dragon Challenge.


Universal Orlando- Platform 9-3/4We then decided it was time for board the Hogwarts express. In order to do this you have to travel to the other park so having admission to both it key. The train is a ride as well and totally different both ways, it also doesn’t hurt that it’s air conditioned!


Universal Orlando-Diagon AlleyWhen we arrived to the other park we felt we were in London and headed right to Diagon Alley. It was also at this moment that we realized our visit was going to be mainly a Harry Potter focus and we made the call to fully immerse ourselves into the world for the day.


Universal Orlando-dragonEven though the kids didn’t really know the story they just loved the environment that was created and and they found it pretty awesome that Gringotts had a dragon on top of it which breathed fire.


UO-ButterbeerFor us our day at Universal wasn’t so much about riding the rides, but about taking a journey with our imagination. We only spent a day, but the kids keep talking about it and Mike and I can’t wait to go back and have some more frozen butterbeer and see everything we missed.


Universal Orlando-Blue Man GroupSo many people said having young kids it wouldn’t be that much fun, but I totally find that false, they may have been limited on rides, but the ones they did ride they loved, and we got to show them a world of imagination and fun. An awesome day and of course after the park closed we ended seeing Blue Man Group!

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Disclaimer: I was provided media passes to Universal Orlando in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.  

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