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There’s a special time in a young child’s life where they grow up right before your eyes. One big thing that’s really noticeable is when they start to lose their teeth. This year Eleanor’s lost 4 and the timing has worked out perfectly because she’s missing her 2 front teeth for the holiday season.

Sure we all know that classic Christmas tune “All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth” but when your child is actually missing those teeth and it’s December they are sooo excited you have to make a big deal about it. Okay maybe I’m the one who’s excited, but this is the only time they will ever be missing those teeth so I had to embrace it.

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth 2016Being the documenter that I am I wanted to make this special for Eleanor. I know she’s going to look back and think “My Mom made me” but I also know she’s secretly going to be thankful.

I decided to make her a shirt, yes I used my beloved Cricut, because everyone needs to have holiday attire and we’ve been listening to Christmas music since November (yes I am that person) so she kind of knew the words to the song. A few quick practices and she was ready.

This video makes me smile and laugh. She has such a sweet soul and we can start to see the 1st tooth breaking through, reminding me that she’s growing up faster than I realize.

Did you ever have a Christmas where you were missing your 2 front teeth?

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