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I’m all for a good sale and I love going shopping the days following Christmas. Usually everything is marked 50%-70% off and I look at this as the perfect time to stock up or buy that gift for someone you knew you weren’t going to see before the holiday. Here’s my list of 10+ things to buy after Christmas.

10+ Things to buy after Christmas

But what exactly should you be looking for? No worries I’ve pulled together a list of the things I like to shop for after December 25th! A great time to stock up on fun things for the Saran Wrap Game too! 

What to buy after Christmas

What to buy after Christmas

  • Home Decorations– Look for those, stocking holders, tree skirts, wreath hangers, garlands, ornaments, lights, pillows, kitchen towels or whatever else you need or have been wanting.
  • Stocking Stuffers– This is the perfect time to grab all those little items for next years stocking. We all know that section in Target or Walmart. I keep a box specifically for stocking stuffers (remember nothing edible or that can expire!)
  • Clothes– I always pick up pjs, shirts, dresses, socks and accessories for everyone. I buy them the size up for the kids and pack it away with the holiday stuff so I don’t forget about it.
  • Beauty Products – I’ve found some great items after Christmas deals on beauty products. From face masks, to bath bombs, or nail polish, and even makeup brushes and makeup. This is where you can try out new products or stock up on bath bombs for the year!
  • Food– This usually isn’t half off, but you can get it for a discount. We love to get that specialty candy, snacks and food to enjoy. It doesn’t matter to us if the packaging has holiday on it. It’s also great to pick this up for a hostess gift.

What to Stock up on after Christmas

What to stock up on after Christmas

  • Wrapping Paper & Supplies – If you love to wrap gifts this is when you buy it. I always pick up 2 rolls and if I can find fun silver or gold paper to use for other things (showers, birthdays) I’ll pick up a roll of that as well. Remember to look for paper that’s 100% recyclable! Don’t forget the tape and ribbon & bows!
  • Food Storage– Check out the Ziploc baggies, tupperware and pyrex dishes. There’s also saran wrap which works great for the saran wrap game. Sometimes they have holiday decorations on them and sometimes it’s just the packaging. It doesn’t bother me to have snowman on my plastic freezer bags or red saran wrap so I’ll stock up for the year.
  • Baking Supplies – I love picking up that specialty pan, cupcake liners, sprinkles, spatula, decorating supplies. and who knows what else you’ll find. I suggest you look in more than just the holiday section because sometimes it’s mixed in with the baking. I’ve bought some great kits/pans, also not a bad idea for that baker in your life as a nice gift next year!
  • Craft Supplies – If you enjoy getting crafty this is the time to stock up. I love buying the little kits for the kids to decorate and a few things for my projects. I have so much holiday paper that I’m set for now, but love picking up ribbon, ornaments and wood pieces that I can work on in all my free time!
  • Table Decor– I love getting tablecloths, napkins, place-mats and even dishes after the holiday. It also makes me smile when I pull them out the following year.

After Christmas Sales and how to Shop

  • Toys– Stores buy so many toys and bikes this time of year that the weeks following Christmas you’ll see them start to discount. Keep your eyes open because it’s usually not the day after. I do a majority of birthday shopping for the kids and their friends after the holiday. I also pick up a few fun things to give them throughout the year or just for fun. Target has a big 70% clearance event at the end of January!
  • Set a Budget – Now I have to warn you it can be very exciting, so I suggest you set up a budget for how much you want to spend. This way you don’t go crazy, and remember to ask yourself do I really need this? Just because it’s on clearance doesn’t mean you have to buy it. If you keep these things in mind than you’ll be just fine!

Where to shop after Christmas Sales

While it’s fun to hit up Target and Walmart, don’t forget about your local drugstore. I’ve gotten some great deals at my Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS. Plus your local grocery store may have some deals that are hard to pass up! Also, there are deals to be found online, so if it’s not your style to hit the stores then start searching the web!

What do you like to buy after Christmas?


Published Dec 22, 2014

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