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Affiliate links disclosureA 1st Birthday is a celebration for both the child and the parents. You’ve made through the 1st year of learning and changing tons of diapers and now it’s time to celebrate with cake and friends. So what are good 1st birthday gift idea? Well I’ve got a list that will make everyone happy.

1st Birthday Gift IdeasI’m always looking to give useful, educational and thoughtful gifts. Knowing that someone put thought into a gift is part of the gift.

1st Birthday Diaper CakeDiaper Cake
I love giving a diaper cake on the 1st birthday and have the full DIY 1st Diaper Cake steps available. I shape it into a 1 and it doubles as a cute decoration. It’s useful and usually at this point all the diapers that were given as shower gifts have been depleted so it’s a treat for the parents.

Mr & Mrs. Food Face PlateFred & Friends Mr. Food Face or Mrs. Food Face Plate
The Mr. Food Face or Mrs. Food Face plates just makes anyone smile. Add in that you can create fun ways to introduce new foods and meals and I call that a win. It’s also glass so it’s microwave and dishwasher safe, which is key for clean up.

highlights hello magazineHighlights Hello Magazine
Did you know Highlights makes a magazine for babies? Yep, and they have designed it with them in mind. I love giving a gift that keeps on giving and getting a 12-month subscription does just that. It’s printed on tear-resistant, washable material with rounded corners and a stitched (not-stapled) binding. Plus it’s sent in an envelope keeping it germ-free.

Mixed Pears Suitables BibsSuitables Bibs
Any time you give a toddler food a mess won’t be far behind. I love these imaginative play bibs, Firefighter, Doctor, Clownfish, Chef, and more. They protect the toddler, but give a little more imagination to the meal. It’s also just fun for role playing and can be used for a few years, easy to pack and wipe off making it a gift that everyone can enjoy.

ShutterflyShutterfly Gift Card
We take so many photos in that 1st year, but a lot of the time they just live on your phone. I love the idea of giving a Shutterfly gift card that can be used toward getting the photos out of the phone. I personally make a photo book for the year for each child. It’s something that everyone can enjoy and so easy to do, as it pretty much makes it for you.

Of course clothes and books always make great gifts, but I like to give something a little different and fun. Tell me, what do you like to give for a 1st birthday gift?


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