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I love wearing retro and vintage dresses and outfits. For me the style suits me well and I’m almost always complimented on what I’m wearing. Being the deal seeker I am I thought I would let you in on a little secret on where I find affordable retro fashion, Amazon.

Affordable Retro Fashion

Left to Right:
Top: Green Dress, Red Dress, Blue Dress
Middle: Black Dress, Polka dot Dress
Botton: Blue Dress, Pink Dress, Purple Dress

Yep, that’s right I buy a lot of my outfits and accessories from Amazon. I also use eShakti and find they are affordable and almost everything has pockets, but when I’m in a rush and need something quick, that’s quality and a great price I turn to Amazon. You can also check out my Roaring 20’s outfits that sparkle

I know a lot of people who say, I can’t buy clothes without trying them on. I’m the same way, but I will only buy something if it has free shipping and free returns, so make sure you check the item. This is where being a Prime member really pays off. I’ve absolutely purchased things that look horrible or don’t fit, but it’s easy to print out the return label and drop it off at my local UPS store without being out any extra money.

I find the reason why I’m able to buy my clothes through Amazon is because of the reviews. When I find something I like I look through all the reviews and photos to get an idea of how the dress is made and fits. When purchasing retro style clothes you need to pay close attention to the size chart. Each company is different and there’s no vanity sizing. I’m usually a Medium or a Large depending on the company, but reading the reviews really helps me to know how I should order. I will sometimes purchase the dress in 2 sizes and send back the one that doesn’t fit as well.

What I really love is all the different companies making it easily accessible for me to shop retro fashion. I have some personal favorites, Grace Karin, GownTown and MissMay. Are usually great quality and prices. I’m still testing out different ones, but I love how they each have a different style, and lots of fun colors and options.

Affordable Retro Accessories

From Left to Right:
Top: Cardigan Chain, Blue polka dot Dress, Hat
Middle: Bow Belt, Cat eye Sunglasses, Rabbit ear headbands, Blue Stretch Belt
Bottom: Crinoline, Yellow Shoes

Of course lets not forget about the accessories. I love my crinolines, belts, sunglasses, gloves, hats, back seam tights that bring the whole look together. The petticoat crinoline from Grace Karin, is the perfect amount of fluff, comfort (it has a slip under it) and color. I’ve started with classic black and white, but will be adding red and who knows what other colors soon.

For me retro fashion is everyday life, special events, Weddings, Disneybounding and themed parties. I love that I can easily and affordably add classics and fun to my wardrobe all while shopping on Amazon.

Do you like to dress with a retro style?

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