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6 Costumes using Jeans - Rider by LeeI’m always thinking about costumes. It’s both the crafter and musical theater person in me. I recently attended an event hosted by Riders by Lee and got very inspired to share some simple and fun costumes using their jeans.

Riders by Lee Bounce Back Denim

I’m a planner when it comes to costumes, but not everyone is so I’m pulling together 6 simple, fun, cute and easy costumes using things you have around the house and 3 different styles of Riders by Lee, Bounce Back Denim: Stretch that keeps its shape and flatters you, no matter how you move.

50's Girl Costume

50’s Girl
I’m a lover of this era so it’s an easy go-to for me. I used the skinny jeans and just rolled up the cuffs. Threw on a pair of Keds, tied a scarf around my neck and of course accessorized with some cat eye glasses and a vintage purse. If I had a greaser or pink ladies jacket I would have used that, but a fun cardigan will work if that’s what you have.

Pumpkin -Rider by Lee Jeans, Orange shirt and pumpkin hat.jpg

This one may take a little more planning. I’m sure not everyone has an adult pumpkin hat just hanging around, but if you do just put it on with a orange shirt (mine’s from the Goodwill) some straight leg jeans and you’re ready to help in the classroom, or head to a fall festival.

Tourist Costume

We’ve all seen these people, especially if you live in NYC. I’m wearing the boot-cut jeans, with a sweatshirt from some state or place (represent Delaware), throw on a fanny pack, sneakers and accessorize with a camera, guide book and maybe even a hat and you’re set for sight seeing. This costume is all about comfort and a great go-to if you’re also looking to snap photos of the night!

Smartie Pants Costume

Smartie Pants
A little bit of a pun costume. You just need to add some Smarties to your pants. I made a tuxedo stripe on my skinny jeans. I taped them on so I didn’t ruin my jeans and made sure to leave room at my knee so I could sit. This costume won’t last though the night taped on, but you can hot glue them on (this will leave marks on  your pants) or tape each one on individually (use packing tape). It’s a pretty sweet costume.

Rosie the Riveter Costume

Rosie the Riveter
We all know this classic, and it’s one that can be done with a navy button up shirt, some dark jeans, and a red and white polka dot headband. Throw on some red lipstick add your muscle and you’ve become this powerful icon.

Scarecrow Costume

It doesn’t take a lot to make this costume look authentic. I used the straight leg jeans, a flannel shirt and added a little raffia straw to my pockets put my hair in pigtails and painted on a fun nose, smile and cheeks with our Snazaroo face paint and was set. You could also stick on some scraps of fabric to your pants if you wanted.

What I love about these is you’re using things you already own and saving money. Plus you can purchase the Riders by Lee Bounce Back Denim jeans at Wal-Mart or K-Mart and they run around $20. So you can easily pick up a pair for a costume and every day. I also really do love the No Bag, No Sag slogan, keeping everything in place is important when wearing a costume or just taking on the day.

Make sure you also check out my Riders by Lee Heavenly Touch post. What can I say I love their jeans!

Disclosure: I was provided with samples of the Riders by Lee jeans at an event. All thoughts are my own.

Sharing is caring!