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Dinosaurs have been gone for ages, but the love of these creatures is very strong with kids and adults, so I thought it would be fun to pull together a dinosaur lover gift guide.

Dinosaur Lover Gift GuideI love a good themed gift guide, like my Harry Potter, Mystery Games and Puzzles and Young Scientists so it only seems appropriate that I have a Dinosaur one as my son has been fascinated with them since he was a toddler. 

Dinosaur Lover Gift Guide Kids

Dinosaur Gifts for kids

It doesn’t matter if it’s boys or girls there’s something pretty cool about dinosaurs. From a young age of reading books to playing with figures there are some great things out to have fun with. 

Vtech – Mix and Match-a-Saurus
I just love that this pulls in a few different component of fun and learning, with music, emotions and matching your little one will enjoy all this dino has to offer. 

Dig it Up: Shimmer Dinosaur Eggs
When I saw these I wanted to open them myself. I love how colorful and fun this activity can be, and that there are 12 eggs to open all with different dinosaurs. There’s also the Dig it Up: Dinosaur eggs, and The Big Egg. 

Paint Your Own Stepping Stone: Dinosaur Footprint
I love that this combines art, dinos and decor. This kit is perfect for an indoor activity that you can place outside when it’s done and enjoy for years. 

Dinosaur Puzzle
We have had many dinosaur puzzles, but this is a favorite of ours. 

Discovery Prehistoric SLIMYGOOP Dig
What do you get when you add slime, and dinosaur fossils? This super fun SLIMYGOOP Dig. It’s like the best combo for kids as they can dig into the slime to find the pieces and then put together their fossils.

Dinosaur A-Z For kids who really love dinosaurs!
This book is fun to read and teaches you so much about dinosaurs. I didn’t realize there were so many and I love how they share the information.

Schleich Dinosaurs 
These are the best dinosaurs for imaginative play. My son has many of them and I love watching his imagination flourish as he plays with them. They are solid and

Dinosaur Gifts for the Adult

Dinosaur Mug
What makes this mug so cool is that the dinosaurs turn to fossils when you add hot water. I love how neat that is and it’s fun way to drink your coffee, tea or cocoa. 


Dinosaur Jewelry
Sport those earrings, necklaces and rings. If you’re a dino fan show it and there’s lots of great items to wear. 

Jurassic Park Danger Game
Lets not forget that Jurassic Park is all about Dinosaurs and playing games is for all ages. This strategy game is great for ages 10 and up and I always love the quality of Ravenzburger games. You’ve got one person controlling the dinosaurs and the rest of the players are just trying to survive. Game night just got Rarwsome! 

Dinosaur Light
Now I know this is technically a night light, but I love how cool this looks and it would be great on a desk, or in a room. Plus there are a few different dinosaurs you can pick from. 

Dinosaur Coloring Book
Young or old coloring is fun, and this coloring books allows you to create what you think the dinosaurs would have looked like back in the day. 

Taco Dinosaur Holder
I mean come on. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy Tacos from a dinosaur. I just love how these come in a T-Rex or Triceratops. This makes Taco Tuesdays even better. 

Dinosaur Gift Ideas

I know there are many more Dinosaur gifts out there, but these are some of my and my kids favorites. Are you a big Dinosaur fan? What’s your favorite Dinosaur? 


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