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If you are or know a Disney Villains fan than you understand how dedicated and loyal they are. I have a fan in my home so thought it would be fun to pull together a Disney Villains Gift guide sharing some of our favorite evil friends. 

Disney Villains Gift Guide

As Disney fans I’m always looks for ways to share my Disney love. Looking to have Disney Descendants party or pull together a Captain Hook costume I’ve got you covered. There’s something every price point and Villain lover, and I know I’ve got a few put away for birthdays, holidays, stocking stuffers and just because gifts. Check out my Amazon Idea List: Disney Villain Idea List

Disney Villain Books

Disney Villain Books

I’m going to start with the thing that any Disney fan, Villain lover or now, will enjoy and that’s books. There are so many amazing series, all giving the perspective from the Villains side that it will have you turning pages quickly and wanting to learn even more. 

My favorite is the Twisted Tales series that give you a “what if” take on the stories we’ve loved for years. I get excited every time a new books is released and devour it immediately.  


There’s also Serena Valentino’s Villains series, which has a book with my favorite villain (Mother Gothel). I also just learned about Disney Chills, which are great chapter books, for the younger Disney fans and those readers who want something a little darker. 


Disney Villains Games and Puzzles

Disney Villains Games

It wouldn’t be a post by me without including games because we love to play and one our all time favorites is the Disney Villainous games, we have them all, Wicked the Core, Evil Comes Prepared, Perfectly Wretched which is great because you really have lots of characters to pick from and switch it up. These are strategy games, and we love that you dive into learning about a characters objective and really work to fate the other villains. Ravensburger always has high quality games and the pieces are works of art. They also have Marvel Villainous which can’t be played with these, but is a good game for any Marvel fan, and switches things up. There’s also Villainous puzzles that bring out all the best qualities of those favorite villains. 

While not a puzzle I’m drawn into the new art of Diamond painting and while tedious I think the finished project is pretty cool. 

There’s also Monopoly Villains, and I think the Funko Pop Villains card game is a great way to give a special surprise to any Villain lover. 

Villains Accessories & Apparel Blog

Disney Villain Gift ideas

There’s so many unique and fun things. From a desk notepad, to some awesome Scar slippers. There’s something for everyone. I always enjoy checking out the Villains Funko Pops, and of course there’s jewelry, shirts, socks, purses, bags and so much more. 

The list and ideas can go on and on. I’ve pulled together a bigger list of Villain items on an Amazon Disney Villains List so you can easily look through and find more ideas. 

Do you have a favorite Villain? 

Disclosure: Some items have been provided for inclusion into this gift guide. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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