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Arrrr, me matey’s. Today I’m sharing the sneaky snook DIY Captain Hook costume which is easy to make and super affordable.

DIY Captain Hook costume

Oh this is really one of my favorite costumes, and I loved how cute and simple it was to make.

DIY Captain Hook Costume

Captain Hook Costume Supplies Needed:

  • Red Sweatshirt – Adult (Mine is a size small)
  • White felt
  • Gold trim (around 2 yards)
  • Red foam hat (this was a cowboy hat from the dollar tree)
  • white feather
  • White Velcro®
  • Basic sewing supplies and machine
  • White shirt (C actually wore a girls shirt with ruffles)
  • Black Pants
Capt Hook steps

How To Make A Captain Hook Costume With A Sweatshirt:

  1. Cut a straight line directly down the center front of the sweatshirt
  2.  Cut the bottom ribbing and wrist section off
  3. Try on the child to see where you need to make alterations
  4.  Sewed directly in the back a seam to make it smaller. I also did seams in the arms to make them thinner and the sides.
  5. Try the coat on the child and see if you need to cut or alter anything length wise
  6. Sew the shoulders. I needed to make a shoulder pad area so I hand stitched it to give the affect
  7. Trim the perimeter of the coat with the gold trim.
  8. Add a small piece of Velcro® to make the coat stay/lay flat
  9. Cut 2 pieces of white felt and add to the arm holes
  10. The hat. Turn the cowboy hat sideways and push up the sides and hot glue them
  11. Add a feather
  12. Hook- Mine is made of foam and elastic
  13. Draw on a mustaches with an eyeliner pencil

That’s it. It’s not as hard as you think. It didn’t take a ton of time and my kids are still playing with this costume. It really is one of my favorite ones. I just regret not taking more pictures of him because he was the cutest Captain Hook.

Family Peter Pan Costume
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originally published sept 2015.

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