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This Care Bear costume is so simple. There’s no sewing and it can honestly be made in about a half hour and it won’t break the bank. Plus it’s super comfy!

Care Bear Family Costumes

Care Bear Costume

I have always been a fan of Care Bears. I remember getting one when I was a little girl so when they made a return to Netflix and my kids started watching I got excited about the possibility of being Care Bears for Halloween.

Care Bear Supplies

DIY Care Bear Costume Supply List:

Care Bear steps

How to make a Care Bear Costume:

  1. Take a piece of white foam and cut a circle for the belly badge (I used a 9 inch plate as my template)
  2. Depending on the belly badge cut out the symbol with craft foam. If needed use puffy paint to embellish
  3. Use the glue gun and put them on the white foam
  4. Attach the belly badge to the sweat shirt
  5. Make a pom-pom with the yarn and attach to the back of the sweatshirt with a safety pin (or hand sew)
  6. Cut a heart for the bottom and write Care Bear on it.
  7. Attach the heart to the back of the sweat shirt (to the right of the pom-pom)
  8. Cut out 4 ears in the color of the sweatsuit
  9. Cut 2 white ear centers
  10. Glue the ears to the headband, then add the white center. If needed add a small piece to make them stand up more
  11. Glue on the back of the ears so it looks clean
  12. Add a little heart on your nose with face paint and 3 little dots. We also did some white so we really looked like the bears.

Bonus: Add a fun little bag. Just cut out a star and some circles for eyes and add a smile. Glue it to a white bag and you’re all set to say Trick or Treat.

Family Halloween Costumes

Care Bear Tails

Group Care Bear Costume

This costume is so easy and everyone will love it. We were the hit of our town parade with multiple generations smiling and remembering their favorites.

Care Bear Costume

This makes a great family or big group costume since there are so many great Care Bears to pick from.

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originally published October 31, 2015

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