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Halloween is all about the family costume for us. This year I wanted to do something that fit in with fun things we do as a family, and that could be simple and easy. One night while playing a game of UNO with the kids it hit me. We should be UNO cards and it was an unanimous yes from everyone.

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UNO costume

I also had the goal to keep each costume under $10 and to make it a no-sew costume. I’m happy to report that I was successful for both and I’m really excited to share with you!

UNO Card Costume

How to make giant UNO cards

Supplies Needed:
White Foam Core Board (1 per person)
Exacto Knife
Black Felt
Red Felt
White Craft Foam
Craft Foam (this color depends on the card you’re making Red, Blue, Yellow or Green)
Black Cardstock
Hot Glue Gun
Black Ribbon
Pack of UNO Cards

Step 1: Measure your white foam core board and use the exacto knife to cut it in half. (Make sure you do this over an old cardboard box to keep your table and floor protected)
Step 2: Use your UNO cards as a reference and create a paper template, 2 of them. I taped together 4 sheets of paper for the back and then hand drew the oval shape.
Step 3: Cut one template to have the oval shape, and top and bottom.
Step 4: Cut the large square using black felt and your template
Step 5: Cut the oval for the center on the back using red felt and your template
Step 6: Cut the front of the card using your choice of color (red, blue, yellow, green or black) and use your template for the top and bottom
Step 7: Cut your letters, numbers, or symbols with craft foam. Either by hand or if you have a Cricut you can cut them using that, just make sure you select craft foam as your material (font is Ariel Bold)
Step 8: Use the black cardstock and cut the center letter, number or symbol.
Step 8: Once you have all your letters and numbers set up your layout. Tip: Make sure you reference the UNO cards.
Step 9: Use a hot glue gun to glue everything in place. You should put the black card-stock a little off center to give the shadow look.
Step 10: Flip over the card (back side) and measure in, about 4 inches for kids, 3 inches for adults, on each side. Then hot glue the ribbon (length varies per person) to each board.
Step 11: Pick 6 UNO cards and glue them to a headband

Group UNO costume

There you go, it’s pretty simple and since you don’t need a lot of felt you can get away with buying about a 1/2 yard for each color (unless you’re making a ton).

UNO Card costume with age of child as the number

UNO Cards Costume

The kids love that their cards have their age on them and I love how it’s really a group costume that will span generations and everyone will know. We had tons of compliments from everyone who saw us.

UNO Card Group Costume

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