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When it comes to planning an event I try to keep what’s important in mind. For our schools fundraiser the theme was Masquerade and I thought it would be cute to make DIY Masquerade Archway.

DIY Mask ArchwayI wanted to masks to be a reminder of what the event was about, and thought it would be cute to have each child in the school decorate one. With 600+ kids I also needed to keep it on a budget. Thankfully the school snagged a decoration sponsorship from Oriental Trading that allowed them to purchase all the masks, some jewels and feathers to decorate.

School Fundraiser Decorating Masquerade

Once the supplies came in I coordinated with the Art teacher to have the kids make the masks. When he returned the completed masks to me I was blown away with how original, beautiful and creative each mask was. It was hard to tell a Kindergarten mask from a 5th grader mask.

How to make an archway

Making the archway was a lot easier than I thought it would be. The 1st thing you need to do is measure where you’ll be putting the archways. The archways I was making this for were 84 inches x 84 inches so I will use that as my example

Supplies Needed for a DIY archway

Foamcore (I went with black as I felt it looked best) 20×30
Electrical Tape
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Ruler or T-ruler
Box cutter knife
Decorated masks
Plastic Tablecloths

Once you have all the supplies together it will probably take about an hour for each archway, depending on the size.

Mask Archway SuppliesStep 1: Cut the foam core in half getting 2 pieces at 10 inches across and 30 inches tall. I need 3 on each side of the archway and 2 for the center.
Step 2: Make brace pieces. These are small foam core squares that will help to maintain the sturdiness of the arch

Mask Archway BraceStep 3: Once you have all the pieces cut you’ll want to connect them. I used electrical tape to attach the 2 pieces together, then I flipped it over and hot glued the brace to the back, and added tape over it.

Masks made by kidsStep 4: After you have these together it’s time to hot the masks on.
Step 5: If you are transporting the pieces I recommend you wait to put them together when you arrive to the venue.
Step 6: When you’ve arrived to the venue, don’t forget to bring your hot glue gun and electrical tape. So you can put together the archway.

Attaching temporary decorationsStep 7: To secure it to the wall I use 3M command strips. This way it can easily be put up and taken down.

Mask Archway BackStep 8: Depending on the archway you may need to add a little more to the back. Our archway showed the back so I took 2 dollar store table cloths and add them to cover the back.


Mask Archway

Masquerade Decorations

Overall this archway is a great way to decorate and remind people that the event is about the children. Plus the materials are affordable, so a school or an organization on a budget could make some pretty special decorations. Yes we were lucky to have Oriental Trading as a decoration sponsor, but we made 3 archways and decorated class baskets and other items with the masks.

Have you ever been to a Masquerade party?

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