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Between Mardi Gras and Masquerade parties, I’m finding the need to have some masks on hand for the whole family. Since receiving my Cricut Maker I thought it would be fun to use it to make some DIY Masquerade Masks and I’m so glad I did!

DIY Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Masks

This year our schools annual fundraiser is a Masquerade theme. An evening of mystery and fun while wearing masks and supporting the school is something I’ve been looking forward to and while there are some great options out there to buy masks I wanted to make something that I was sure no one else would have. You can even make a DIY Masquerade Archway

Supplies for DIY Masks

Cricut Genuine Leather or Cricut faux leather.
Adhesive Metallic Vinyl Jewel
Metallic Matte Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Deep Cut Blade (this doesn’t come with the machines)
Strong Grip Mat
Ribbon (I like to use Grosgrain as it’s not a slippery)
Hot Glue Gun

How to make Masquerade Masks

1. You’ll want to use the Cricut Design Space to make your mask. There are some great mask shapes to choose from that will get the creative juices flowing. If you’re looking to duplicate mine here’s the link Masquerade Masks.

How to cut Genuine Leather with Cricut maker2. Once you’ve designed your masks it’s time to cut. Tip: I do suggest making sure your mask is the right size before you cut the leather. I did a test with a card stock. You can cut the Cricut Genuine Leather and Faux leather with either the Explore Air 2 or Maker. You’ll just need to switch the blade to a deep cut blade.

3. After your blade is set, you’ll want to make sure you push the white rollers to the left and right of your machine (see photo below). You do this so it doesn’t leave marks on your leather. Then you’ll place the genuine leather face down on the strong grip map to load and cut.

Cutting Vinyl with a Cricut Maker4. After you cut the leather you’ll want to cut the embellishments. I wanted to have a metallic look so i went with the Cricut Matte Metallic and Metallic Vinyl. Make sure you place the vinyl face up and pick the correct settings for the vinyl.

Masquerade Masks decorations using vinyl5. Next you’ll weed these items and then use transfer tape to place them on the masks. This is where my XL scraper really comes in handy!

6. The final step is to add the ribbon. I hot glued the ribbon to each side, and made sure that the ribbon was long enough to easily tie.

Masquerade Masks with CricutThat’s it. It took maybe 10 minutes to make these, after I designed them, and I love all the different possibilities you can come up with. Overall these masks are easy and fun to make. You can dress them up or keep them simple. It also works great for Mardi Gras or a costume.

Have you ever been to a Masquerade party?

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