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There’s lots of imagination in a child. Playing doctor can be fun and making your own DIY Toy Stethoscopes for a party or play date is even better.

DIY Stethoscope

What’s a Doctor without a Doctors Coat and Stethoscope?  Since we were having a Doc McStuffins #disneyside playdate I knew I needed to have one for each “doctor” but I also knew I needed to keep the cost down so that’s where I had to get creative.

How to make a Toy Stethoscope

Here’s what I did to make these easy and affordable (around $2 each) stethoscopes.

DIY Toy Stethoscope Steps

Step 1:  Cut everything -ribbon 13 inches long, 2 circles, heart and put little slits in the earplugs
Step 2: Fold the ribbon over about an inch and glue it down ( you want it so you can slip it on, but also that it doesn’t fall off once the plugs are glued on
Step 3:  Glue the circles on both sides at the open end of the ribbon
Step 4:  Glue the heart on the front of the circle
Step 5:  Slip the ribbon on the headband
Step 6:  Glue the earplugs on each side (I found it’s best to glue on each side of the headband rather then the tip of the headband)
Step 7:  Let dry then start examining your toys!

How to Make Toy Stethoscopes

DIY Toy Stethoscope

I love that you can make them anyway you want.  All of mine were different and super colorful which the kids loved.  It’s the perfect favor for a Doc party and what’s even better is it’s really something the kids will play with after.

I only wish I had made enough for the adults attending too, because I know I wish I had one!

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